District Q&A with student-leader Ethan Marx

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL, OH (April 1, 2021) – Ethan Marx was “blown away by the academic opportunities at Indian Hill as well as the exceptional arts programs,” when he entered Indian Hill High School (IHHS)  as a freshman student.  During his tenure at Indian Hill High School, Marx has been involved in Mock Trial, Courageous Conversations, Theatre, Chieftain, and Student Government. He believes, “the opportunities – academic, artistic, and extracurricular – available to me at Indian Hill have changed my life exponentially for the better.”

Indian Hill High School senior Ethan Marx accepted the Jefferson Scholarship – the premier undergraduate scholarship offered at the University of Virginia. (Provided)

Ethan Marx just accepted the Jefferson Scholarship – the premier undergraduate scholarship offered at the University of Virginia. Marx was also offered the Presidential Fellows Program at Miami University, “an elite scholarship opportunity which will provide the brightest and best scholars and leaders of the 21st century with an unprecedented and exceptional college experience.”  We wanted to hear more directly from this outstanding student about what his future holds.


Indian Hill School District (IHSD): Congratulations on earning both the Presidential Fellowship at Miami and Jefferson Scholarship at the University of Virginia (U.Va.); what was your reaction to this news?

Ethan Marx (EM): I was beyond elated at both of these opportunities. I received both scholarships within an hour of one another so it was a crazy but exciting day. It felt great to know that all of my hard work in high school had paid off. I loved my experiences touring both U.Va. and Miami a year ago and was very happy to have the opportunity to attend either of these fantastic institutions.

IHSD: Why did you decide to attend U.Va., and what are your future plans?

EM: There were countless reasons why I decided to attend U.Va. First and foremost, U.Va. is an exceptional academic institution. It also is particularly strong in the areas I am considering studying – history, political science, or public policy. Additionally, U.Va.’s honors program (Echols Scholars) waives all general education requirements. This means I would be able to direct my study, which is a huge benefit. Additionally, U.Va. has an exceptional mock trial program, which is something I would like to stay involved in at the collegiate level. Further, the culture and beautiful community at U.Va. felt like the right fit for me. Additionally, the ability to be part of the Jefferson Scholars cohort and receive guidance from the Foundation staff is something that I very much look forward to. I am so excited to be able to spend the next four years there!

IHSD: How has your time at the Indian Hill School District helped define what you want for your future?

EM: I would say that IHSD has entirely defined what I want for my future. I think IHHS fosters a “work hard, play hard” environment. Everyone is really passionate not only about their academics but also about what they do outside of the classroom. Through mock trial, I really found a passion for the law and public speaking. Through Courageous Conversations and many wonderful classes and teachers at IHHS, I was able to build a passion for social justice. The ability to explore my academic and extracurricular interests at such high levels with an amazing support system really allowed me to thrive. I truly have the IHHS community — especially the Indian Hill Mock Trial community — to thank for my future plans.

IHSD: What advice would you give to younger students about the Indian Hill High School experience and what they should do to take advantage of all of the opportunities available?

EM: Sign up for clubs! Indian Hill has so many extracurricular opportunities that you are bound to find something you love. The best way to capitalize on the IH experiences is to be an engaged member of the community. I would also recommend building connections with your teachers. I think the teaching staff at IHHS is so tremendous and building those personal connections is very important. For students in middle school considering whether to come to IHHS I would strongly urge them to. It is an amazing experience!

IHSD: What will you miss the most?

EM: The people. I have made so many wonderful friends at Indian Hill, and I am going to miss them so much. I don’t even want to think about leaving. I will also miss the teaching staff at Indian Hill. I have had so many amazing and caring teachers who have been crucial in guiding me through the past four years. I will also miss the mock trial community. It is such a tight-knit bunch who have truly made my high school experience so much fun. I look forward to being able to come back and help out in any way I can.

IHSD:  What do you look forward to the most?

EM: The people.  One of the things that really excites me about U.Va. is the community it fosters. I cannot wait to be on grounds and begin to make new friendships and build new relationships with professors.

IHSD: Is there anything else you would like to add?

EM: I would just like to thank all of my amazing teachers for helping me over the past few years. I remember walking in as a terrified new student in ninth grade and now I am terribly sad to leave. I also want to thank my fantastically fabulous guidance counselor, Ms. Kearns, for all of her help over the past four years!

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