What Athletics and Extracurriculars Look Like

at Loveland High School in 2021

By Julia Quigley – Special to Loveland Beacon

LOVELAND, OH (January 21, 2021) – Loveland High School officially confirmed the return to a full-capacity schedule starting on Tuesday, January 19th

LHS Tiger Stadium allowed limited fans, but hosted fall sports like football and soccer. (Chuck Gibson)

Many Loveland High School (LHS) students, including me, are back to school in-person, full time. Although the new schedule change has raised controversy and concerns about student/staff health and safety, Loveland is continuing the set of interventions referred to as the “bundle” to lower the chances of spread of the virus. It is recognized, however, that the recommended six- (or even three-) feet social distancing is not feasible at the high school. Other precautions such as mask wearing, frequent handwashing, and thorough cleaning of surfaces have become even more important. I will be publishing an article shortly with my first-hand experience on what the change is like, from classes, to hallway space, to the cafeteria during lunch

A limited number of athletes family members are allowed in the stands for LHS home games (Chuck Gibson File)

This year, extracurricular activities have been complicated. With Covid-19, many after-school sports have either been modified or restricted. During the summer, a number of sports had COVID-related time restraints. Contact sports, such as wrestling and football, underwent some interesting changes this year. During wrestling, players are permitted to wrestle as usual, but cannot shake hands before matches. All stadiums and gymnasiums have a 15% capacity limit, and during football and basketball games, the limit is 2-4 home family members. 

Visitors receive 2 family members per rostered athletes. No spectators outside the family are permitted to attend games. Other sports, such as soccer, diving, and cheerleading have all continued as normal, with necessary COVID-compliant restrictions.

When it comes to Show Choir, rehearsals are taking place and there’s anticipation for upcoming competitions in the near future. Morgan Meyer, a student and four-year show choir participant at LHS offered some insight on what rehearsals look like.

“We wear masks during every rehearsal and during class we sit like 13 feet apart in the auditorium,” said Meyer.  “During night rehearsals we face either outside or in the gym so we can be distanced. We’re hoping for competitions soon.”

Photo courtesy LHS Drama

The Drama Department put on “A Christmas Carol – A Live Radio Play” in December – the production was livestreamed via Broadway on Demand rather than performed for an in-person audience. A spring production is planned as well, and multiple options are being considered for how it will be performed and delivered to fans.

As of right now, spring sports will move forward as our fall and winter sports have. This includes track and field, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and boys’ tennis and volleyball. I am part of the track team, and currently participating in girls’ winter track. In the weight room, coaches have made an effort to create an environment that’s as safe and health-friendly as possible. Student “trackletes” (track athletes)  must wear masks upon entering the weight room, as well as fill out a mandatory sign-in sheet that asks about any COVID-related symptoms. Weights get sanitized frequently and workouts are performed as socially distanced as possible

Julia Quigley, LHS senior, student reporter and member of LHS track team (Provided)

Unfortunately, last year’s track season was cancelled in March due to the mandatory shut down. It was upsetting to not even have our first meet, but we plan to come back stronger this year. There’s always been a very supportive atmosphere on the team, and it makes running track a great experience.

Although things have been quite different this year, Loveland High School has done an exceptional job at continuing to provide quality athletic and other extracurricular opportunities for students. Despite the difficult changes and adjustments that have been necessary, as a student I can say we’ve been lucky to have the opportunities we’ve had this school year to participate.


Go Tigers!

Julia Quigley is a senior at Loveland High School and regular contributing student reporter for Loveland Beacon online news.

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