Braves across campus participate in activities to

recognize Black achievement

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications, 

INDIAN HILL, OH (February 5, 2021) – This February, the Indian Hill School District is celebratingBlack History Month across campus.

Student-created art decorated the halls of Indian Hill Primary Schools to honor Black History Month. (Provided)

From a building-wide student showcase for our youngest Braves, to a special presentation about Harriet Tubman for our elementary-age Braves, to a daily read-aloud for middle school students, and an entire College and Career Center dedicated to Black History Month at Indian Hill High School – we wanted to share some of the way our buildings will honor this important learning.

Indian Hill Primary School:

  • Weekly, our youngest students will be given clues related to a Black leader within history; they will conduct research to try to guess who the leader is before the big, building-wide reveal on Fridays.
  • Teachers will be sharing with students what Black history means to them through a video compilation that the entire school will watch and discuss.
  • Students will participate in various Black History Month activities, lessons, and other learning opportunities, with a special focus and deep-dive this year on Black inventors.
  • At the end of Black History Month, students will showcase their learning with a class contribution to a building-wide celebration of learning.

ndian Hill Elementary School students enjoyed a presentation by Cincinnati Children’s Theatre on Harriet Tubman. (provided)

Indian Hill Elementary School:

  • We will highlight multiple artists of color during our daily Morning Music.
  • We will bring the past to the present and change the future with The Children’s Theatre’s one-woman interactive, virtual storytelling experience. Students will uncover the truth about America’s 200-year-old struggle with slavery when they play a part in this historic retelling. On this journey, we will follow Harriet Tubman, the most recognized conductor of the Underground Railroad.
  • Students will also participate in a lesson titled “Let’s Talk About Race” during BRAVE Time. During this lesson, students will learn what race means and discuss misconceptions about race.

A table with Black literature by Black authors is available to students at Indian Hill Middle School. (Provided)

Indian Hill Middle School:

  • Students will listen to a daily read-aloud of the text 28 Days: Moments in Black History That Changed the World by Charles R. Smith, Jr. This book highlights an impactful person of color each day during February.
  • Students will listen to and interact with the poem, “The Hill We Climb” by Amanda Gorman. This poem was read at the inauguration and has a message of hope and striving to do our best. 
  • On Fridays, we will highlight various Black artists during Morning Music.
  • Students will participate in “Who was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., really?” Martin’s Dream answers this question and more as it brings this historical figure to life through the power of story, speech, and song.
  • Students will have a personalized opportunity to participate in verbal, creative, or educational activities to build on students’ strengths, interests, and needs, and focus on different aspects of Black culture, history, and/or experiences. 
  • Classroom teachers will incorporate lessons specific to honoring Black History Month into assignments.

The Indian Hill High School College and Career Center is a reflection of honoring Black History Month. (Provided)

Indian Hill High School:

  • Students will celebrate Black historians, writers, and heroes with daily morning announcements.
  • The Indian Hill High School Career and Counseling Center will be dedicated to celebrating Black History Month through décor.
  • Classroom teachers will incorporate lessons specific to honoring Black History Month into assignments.

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