The Dragonfly Foundation Marks 10 Years of Providing the Best Support Services to Pediatric Cancer Patients and Their Families

NEWS RELEASE: Mary Tignor, Community Relations Manager

CINCINNATI, OH – The Dragonfly Foundation is marking a major milestone in the Foundation’s development, celebrating its 10th anniversary on August 10th.

A Proud Dragonfly family always identifies as a Dragonfly for life. (Provided) 

The Dragonfly Foundation has helped more than 5,900 pediatric cancer patients, families, and their caregivers since the Foundation launched in 2010.

The Dragonfly Foundation was started in 2010 by Christine Neitzke, and her best friend, when her son Matt was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Like most, Christine and her husband, Jim, never thought their family would be affected by pediatric cancer.  Fortunately, Christine, Jim, Matt, and his brother Sam had the support of family, friends, and the community during their cancer journey.  Many other patients and families are not as fortunate. 

Motivated by the lack of support some of Matt’s fellow pediatric cancer patients had in their lives, The Dragonfly Foundation was created. Today, Matt Neitzke is cancer-free and The Dragonfly Foundation has grown to support thousands.

In the last 10 years, The Dragonfly Foundation has expanded to help patients not just in Cincinnati, but also in Dayton, Ohio and in Chicago, Illinois. Dragonfly has also relocated to a new location at 506 Oak Street, just blocks away from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where patients and their families can find strength, comfort, and joy. The new “Landing” includes spaces where children can play with toys, video games and make crafts, allowing their parents and caregivers to enjoy time with them in a relaxing space.

“Today marks our 10-year anniversary,” said Christine Neitzke, Executive Director. “It has been amazing to see the growth of our organization.  We would like to thank our volunteers, donors, patients, families and especially Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for their support and allowing us to make an impact on families facing pediatric cancer.

Dragonfly Foundation launched in 2010 (Provided) 

The Dragonfly Foundation provides programs that enhance the quality of life for children and young adults as they’re going through treatment, provides help with urgent needs and life logistics, and emotional, relational and practical support. We are also a second family for pediatric cancer patients, many of whom have moved to Cincinnati for treatment. Dragonfly works to create a sense of normalcy during trying times and create happy distractions and great memories for our patients & families. We do this by planning family outings, group trips to a sporting event or theme park, a special visit from a celebrity, or even just a special gift during a difficult moment of their treatment can make all the difference for a young child.

“They work hard to keep smiles on our faces, to make us feel like we are normal for a day, and to give us a place where we can breathe, feel loved, and share our experiences,” said one Dragonfly Mom.

Our families proudly identify as Dragonflies — and once a Dragonfly, you are a Dragonfly for life.

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