December greeted Loveland and surrounding Ohio communities with the season’s first snowfall

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (December 1, 2020) – There’s something serene, beautiful even waking up to find a blanket of white on the ground outside your window.

Something beautiful and serene about the first snowfall blanketing the evergreens (Chuck Gibson)

Welcome to December 2020!  Thankfully the soft white blanketing our community this morning was not covering driveways, walkways, or roadways. Tis the season after all. It may still say autumn on your calendar – winter not scheduled to arrive officially for 20 more days on December 21 – but it is December. It’s not unusual to finds snowflakes falling from above landing gently on our lawns and evergreens giving a certain glow to the change of seasons.

We’ve already said hello to Jack Frost on our windows. Now we can anticipate the delightful laughter of the children building the first snow man of the season. Ahh, there is something special about that first pure white blanket of snow each year.  Welcome, enjoy the beauty and serenity of a soft white blanket of snow saying good-bye to autumn and hello wintertime. 

A soft blanket of white brought in December in Loveland, Ohio (Chuck Gibson)