Guest Column: By Kirk Koennecke, Indian Hill School District Superintendent     

What does it mean to be Brave?

That is the conversation we are engaging in this school year. From the stories we share on our District social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), to the stories we post on our District website, to the information we mail to all residents in our Financial ProspectusQuality Profile, and IH Promise newsletter, we are working to both define and celebrate all of the accomplishments and opportunities that are uniquely Indian Hill.

To capture the essence of what it means to be Brave is a practice in not only sharing, but also listening, to our students, to our parents, and to our staff. In that spirit, it is my privilege as the Superintendent of Schools to welcome you to a new series in which we do just that by interviewing these stakeholders to understand, in their words, what it means to be Brave. This video series, which begins with our first episode on Brave Academics, is intended to help present to you the State of Our Schools authentically. These videos, which we have titled Portrait of a Brave, will be accessible through the District website, and will be released during the course of this school year.

The State of Our Schools is fluid; it is an ever-evolving Portrait of a Brave. We invite you to click here ( to experience Brave Academics.     

In service to our children,

Kirk Koennecke, Superintendent,  Indian Hill School District

Twitter: @ihsuperbrave