GUEST COLUMN: By Deb Giehl, Former Central Committee Elected Official, Precinct 129, Warren County

LOVELAND, OH (July 31, 2023) – Special Election day is just 8 days away with early voting well underway and the debate in full voice for Ohio Issue 1. It will determine exactly what majority vote will be necessary to amend the Ohio State Constitution beginning January 1, 2024. The current threshhold for a majority vote to amend is a simple majority of 50% + 1 vote. Passage of Issue 1 would change the majority vote threshhold to require at least a 60% majority to amend. Deb Giehl addresses the impact of this issue, not only here in Ohio, but across the nation explaining the argument and why a Yes for Issue 1 holds so much importance along with the critical implications of a No vote on Issue 1 on August 8. 

Election day is less than a week away with early voting well underway and yard signs on display for Ohio Issue 1 – Vote Tuesday, August 8th (Photo Chuck Gibson)

Deb Giehl addresses the issue with an emphasis on why a YES on Issue 1 is important beyond Ohio (Photo Chuck Gibson)

Here now is the Guest Column from Deb Giehl: 

Deb Giehl, Former Central Committee Elected Official, Precinct 129, Warren County, current Political Activist and Organizer of the Women Against Tyranny Group (File Photo)

Unbelievably, some people are STILL not aware of the Special Election being held on August 8th.  Why has this been scheduled?  It’s very simple … too many left-leaning people / special interest groups want to amend our Ohio State Constitution to inflict their desired narrative, through various future amendments, as law to all Ohio citizens.  The right-leaning people want to make this more difficult.  At this point in our history, it only takes 50% +1 of ACTUAL voters (not registered voters) in a given election to amend our Constitution.  Issue 1 will raise that threshold to 60%.

What does this mean?  Here’s an example … let’s say your precinct has 1000 registered voters.  Let’s say only 10% of those registered voters ACTUALLY vote.  That means, in this particular example, only 100 registered voters are voting.  That means only 51 of those voters are needed to pass an Issue / Amendment in your precinct.  This same rule goes for all precincts in all 88 counties of Ohio.  There are 172 precincts in Warren County; you can only imagine how many precincts there are in the entire state!

At this point in time, the August 8th election is regarding an Issue and each precinct still only needs 50% +1 to pass it.  If it passes and the threshold to pass future Amendments is raised to 60%, it will be more difficult to amend our State Constitution – as it SHOULD be!  As a side note, the US Constitution has been amended 27 times (from 1791-1992); the Ohio Constitution has been amended 172 times (since 1851).  Bottom line:  if an idea isn’t popular enough to unify 3/5 of Ohio voters, it does NOT belong in our State’s Constitution; we need to increase our protection of it.

Image of Certified Ballot Language Ohio Issue 1 – Source: Ohio Secretary of State (Photo Image Chuck Gibson)

The left-leaning people are in quite a tizzy about the attempt to make it harder to change the Ohio State Constitution.  But interestingly, for your information, here are the requirements for changing the By-Laws / Constitutions of several other organizations:  Democratic Party of Ohio (60%); League of Women Voters (60%); Planned Parenthood (60%); NAACP (66%), ACLU (60%); Columbus Education Association – read teachers’ unions (75%).  Wow … isn’t THAT interesting??

You may be wondering why the right-leaning people are holding a Special Election on August 8th.  I really hate to possibly confuse this editorial subject (Voting YES or NO on Issue 1), but you may only understand the importance of passing Issue 1 (by voting YES) if you know the ramifications regarding what’s coming “around the pike”.

If you haven’t heard, there WILL be an Amendment on the ballot for the upcoming November 7th General Election.  This Amendment, in general and very blunt terms, is regarding abortion and sex-change surgeries by:  A) legalizing abortions in the third trimester, even up to the point of birth; B) eliminating most regulations on abortion clinics (which would make them nearly untouchable / unregulated by the state meaning abortions could be performed by non-doctors); and C) stripping parents of their right to be notified and have consent to their UNDER AGE children’s consideration of sex-change surgeries (genital surgery), and other reproductive decisions (read puberty blockers, hormone therapy, etc).

By PASSING Issue 1 with a YES vote, you will change the simplicity of amending our State Constitution.  You will literally be saving lives and helping young, confused teenagers to not be allowed to make a decision (without their parents knowledge / consent) that would be one of the most horrible, life-changing, and permanent decisions of their lives.

As another side note, you may also be wondering why so many other states have their eye on this election and why so many of them are investing a LOT of money to encourage us to Vote NO.  Did you know that if we do NOT pass Issue 1 to make it more difficult to amend our Ohio State Constitution it, again, will make it much easier to pass the November abortion / transgender Amendment.  If that happens, several states (Missouri, California, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota & possibly more) are ready to do the same to amend their Constitutions.  Any logical person understands the “domino effect”.  Do YOU really want to be responsible for changing the entire country’s outlook regarding amending State Constitutions?  Of course you don’t! 

Please … Vote YES and


Thank you,

Deb Giehl
Political Activist
Organizer of the Women Against Tyranny Group
Former Central Committee Elected Official, Precinct 129, Warren County

Your VOTE counts! Yard sign encouraging your YES on Issue 1 August 8 in Ohio. (Photo Chuck Gibson)