New Support Group for Families with Disabilities

By Heidi Terselic

LOVELAND, OH (October 11, 2022) – There’s a new club in Loveland for families with disabilities! 

Heidi & Mike Terselic, Augie’s parents and founders of Augie’s Adventrues support group (Provided)

A kick-off celebration is being held Thursday, October 27, to introduce Augie’s Adventures to families in Loveland. Augie’s Adventures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, recently established by my husband, Mike Terselic, and me. We named it after our son, Augie, who is a 16-year-old sophomore with Down syndrome at Loveland High School. This introductory event is being held in the Parish Hall of St. Columban Church located at 894 Oakland Rd, Loveland, Oh 45140.

Augie’s Adventures will have two main purposes. The first is to provide a monthly parent support group for families with minor – and grown – children with all kinds of diagnosed disabilities.  Here the parents can communicate with like-minded parents who share in the laughs, tears, set-backs, and successes that accompany living with disabilities.  They’ll be able to share tips and resources, instead of “reinventing the wheel” on their own to access information and solutions.  There will be opportunities to hear guest speakers with inspiring stories and valuable advice for the families.

The second purpose is to provide recreational and social activities, in which parents and their children can engage.  While Loveland City Schools provide incredible environments of inclusion during the children’s school days, the families are often left with few inclusive options outside of school.

Therefore, many kids with special needs are left to either tag along to their siblings’ events, or just stay home.  Loneliness and boredom often leave these children passively staring at electronic screens or mindlessly eating.  Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle is the biggest cause of chronic problems with obesity and debilitating loneliness in this population of people.

The Terselic family: l-r Dad-Mike, Mom- Heidi, sister-Ella, Augie, and sisters Vivien and Millie Terselic (Photo courtesy Heidi Terselic)

In addition to serving young families with disabilities, we hope to reach local parents whose grown, disabled children still reside with them.  As much as young children need fun activities on their calendar, it’s possible grown children with special needs require them even more. 

Once children with Individualized Education Plans (I.E.P.’s) exit the public school at age 22, they lose:  

  • daily interactions with their typical and special-needs peers; 
  • the school’s social calendar that provides opportunities for evening and weekend recreation; 
  • and the connection with their team of teachers, aides, and therapists, who have been the greatest source of support for them and their families, for almost their entire lives. 

This transition at age 22 is like a rug being pulled out from under them.  There’s a tremendous void; we aim to fill that void.

Augie with his youngest sister Millie (Photo courtesy Heidi Terselic)

After years of imagining and praying about how to build a lasting community for Augie and his friends with special needs, we came across a property that mirrored our dreams.  It had acreage with hilly woods and flat land, plus numerous recreational amenities, and a large, heated, multipurpose outbuilding.  After tough negotiations, we were finally able to purchase the property and move in.  Then we hit the ground running to establish our nonprofit ministry to serve the disabled. 

Finally, we are excited to launch Augie’s Adventures with a kick-off meeting and celebration. 

Augie’s Adventures invites families with disabilities; professionals who serve this population;  and any others who would like to support and/or volunteer for this organization, to celebrate its beginning. When you attend our opening meeting, you will be treated to an extraordinary family of guest speakers.  First, Mark Hublar, a nationally-known, self-advocate with Down syndrome, will share his employment achievements, including owning his own public speaking business: 

Mike Terselic with his son Augie (Photo courtesy Heidi Terselic)

Hublar’s parents will follow with the story of raising their son before there were any established services or support, even after their doctor told them to leave newborn Mark in an institution.  This family’s experiences will surely inspire anyone who hears their message.  A free-will offering will be held, and refreshments will be served. The celebration will take place in the Parish Hall at St. Columban Church* on Thursday, October 27, at 6:30 p.m.

Visit Augie’s Adventures on line for all the latest information at: 


Mark J. Hublar – nationally known speaker and self advocate with Down syndrome (Provided)

Augie’s Adventures Kick-off Celebration

  • PLACE:  Parish Hall in St. Columban Church, 894 Oakland Rd., Loveland, OH  45140
  • DATE:  Thursday, October 27, 2022
  • TIME:  6:30 p.m.

*NOTE:   The event location has been changed from the previously announced location of our outbuilding, for the purpose of providing ADA-approved restrooms. Now at Parish Hall in St. Columban Church.