Let the traditional 1st day photos tell the story

By Chuck Gibson  

LOVELAND, OH (August 19, 2021) –Oh, those smiling faces on the first day back to school – some even belonged to the kids going back

Brylie Preston headed to 1st grade from Nikki Preston

The kids may be asking where their summer went. Parents, especially Mom’s may be breathing a sigh of relief as they nudge their kids out the door summoning up a smile for the camera on the first day back to school. Then again, as those Kindergarten kids head off for the very first time, Mom & Dad might just be fighting back some tears. It is an emotional day for sure, but those first day photos have certainly become a huge tradition. Just check on your social media outlets – especially Facebook – you’ll see the cute kid photos everywhere.

Oh, by the way, the photo gallery you’ll find in this story came from an overwhelming response to my (Loveland Beacon) request for Loveland families to share their 1st Day Back to School photos. Thank you, thank you and thank you for sharing. I published as many as possible (about 60 of them) in the gallery. I only wish I could have shared every single one – close to 100 I believe. Special thanks to the administrator(s) of the Pawsitive Tigers Facebook group page for allowing my request on the page – Joanne Ellen.

A couple of school news notes before we get to the Feature Photo Gallery. Both Loveland and Milford School District’s started back to school on Wednesday, August 18. We have all followed closely the decisions by their respective administration’s regarding the policy on facial covering requirements (Mask or no Mask) for students and staff. The Loveland City School District resolution in place for the first day called for “Masks Optional” with plans to continue monitoring the situation as well as a “special meeting” of the school board planned for 6 p.m. Friday to receive and review the Superintendent’s report. Bottom line, the anticipation and excitement of the return to school was evident to new LCSD Superintendent Mike Broadwater.

Mike Broadwater, LCSD Superintendent showing his Loveland Spirit already (Chuck Gibson)

“It was awesome to see the kids, “said Broadwater. “The majority of our kids were fired up to get back. They were excited to see teachers and teachers were excited to see kids. I think everybody was excited to be back and ready to go.”

Broadwater released a video message today (Thursday, August 19, the day after) for the Loveland Tiger families. CLICK HERE to watch and listen to the message from Superintendent Mike Broadwater. He was just as excited about the first day back at Loveland as the kids and staff.

“I always love seeing the kids,” Broadwater said. “I got to meet a lot of the kids. That’s where you start the real work with kids and staff. That’s what we love doing. I got to every building the elementary, the primary, the intermediate, the middle school and the high school. The buildings looked awesome; it seemed like the ninth week of school, not the first day. It was exciting to go out and see it all happening.”

Milford High School (Photo Chuck Gibson)

It was the first day back for Milford Schools as well. The mask policy was slightly different there. The policy there requires masks for students and staff for grades K-6 with masks optional for grades 7-12. CLICK HERE to view the Milford policy including quarantine guidelines. Here is a couple of Milford students first day back to school photos with thanks to  “Mom” Sarah Sehlhorst

Peyton Sehlhorst ready for 1st day back to school at Milford from Sarah Sehlhorst

Brody Sehlhorst headed back to Milford School for first day from Sarah Sehlhorst

Now, here is the Photo Gallery of those wonderful First Day Back to School Photos with thanks to ALL of you who shared your photos: