By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (August 20, 2021) – In Issue 2021-160 of Steve Kovacs Fun with Maps, we learn it took a Saint to establish Hungary


Hungary as we know it today was founded on this date in the year 1000 by King Stephen I and established as a Christian country.  Stephen I later became known as Saint Stephen in the Catholic Church.

Although the Hungarian tribes were unified by Arpad in 895, it was under his descendent, Stephen that the kingdom became internationally recognized. 

August 20th is a national holiday in Hungary celebrating its Foundation.  During communist days, the holiday was known as Constitution Day – an old political trick of placing a “new” event on top of a previous holiday. 

One of the oldest countries in Europe, Hungary is known for its fun people, folk music, paprika spice, water polo and rowing teams, cowboys, and thermal waters.

Here is a relief map of Hungary by Pokorny from 1899.

Map of Hungary – 1899 (Credit Steve KOvacs)

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