Santa & Mrs. Claus made an early visit Friday, December 4

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (December 10 , 2021) – An early Christmas visit by Santa & Mrs. Claus brought lots of smiles to the kids at the Annual St. Columban Knights of Columbus Christmas party Friday, December 3.

The kdis listened in as Mrs. Claus read the First Christmas story (Chuck Gibson)

A room filled with energy fueled by excited children was the scene at St. Columban Church Friday, December 3, as the kids anticipated the arrival of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. Their smiles lit up the room as Mrs. Claus entered waving at the children and wearing a bright cheery smile. She made her way to the front of the room and a hush settled over the crowd as the kids listened in while Mrs. Claus read the first Christmas Story. The story ended and their heads suddenly turned.

Santa Claus arrives in his sleigh at St. Columban Friday, December 3, 2021 (Chuck Gibson)

There was a jingle of sleigh bells and Santa appeared riding in on his special sleigh. He greeted the children with a jolly Ho-Ho-Ho and a wave as his sleigh pulled to a stop. All eyes were focused on the jolly man in the red suit as he climbed out of the sleigh and joyfully greeted Mrs. Claus. Before settling in, Santa spotted the Rev. Larry Tensi, pastor of St. Columban and called on him to offer a blessing for the evening. Rev. Tensi asked the kids if they were excited to see Santa. Following a resounding yes, he offered a Christmas blessing for all and gave way to the featured guest – Santa Claus.

Santa & Mrs. Claus ready to visit with all the girls and boys at St. Columban K of C Christmas (Chuck Gibson)

Santa came bearing a sleigh full of gifts for all the girls and boys. His helpers began calling each girl and boy by name to visit with Santa. He greeted every girl and boy and presented them with a wrapped Christmas gift especially for them. There were children of all ages (including the parents) having fun and laughter filled the room. It was clear to see, Santa and Mrs. Claus brought joy to every girl and boy of every age in that room.

Once again, it was a wonderful early Christmas organized by the St. Columban Council of the Knights of Columbus for all the families. Phil Wentzel currently serves as the Grand Knight and was happy to see smiling faces of all ages.

All the girls and boys waited to meet with Santa & Mrs. Claus. (Chuck Gibson )

“You’re never too old to be a kid,” said Wentzel. “It’s fun to see the glassy-eyed parents seeing this through their kids’ eyes and just all the smiles. It’s just so much fun.”

 Michelle Roessner had that glassy-eyed look as each of her four children went, one at a time, up to meet Santa. Clara, Hunter, Olivia, and Clayton each visited with Santa Claus and eagerly tore open their Christmas presents. It meant a lot to Wentzel to see Fr. Larry Tensi join in the party this year.

Rev. Larry Tensi, Pastor, St. Columban offered a blessing with Santa & Mrs. Claus at St. Columban K of C party (Chuck Gibson )

“This year, having Fr. Larry be part of this party just made it that much more special. It’s a way to bring everyone together, whether they are already a member of the Knights, or if they may join in the future, to experience the joy of the season with families.”

Rev. Tensi watched with great joy as the boys and girls gleefully visited with Santa.

“It’s a magical night for all the kids who come to see Santa and Mrs. Claus who reads the first Christmas story to them,” said Rev. Tensi. “It’s quite magical.”

Clara Roessner visits with Santa & Mrs. Claus (Chuck Gibson)

A look of wonder in the eyes of a child with Santa and Mrs. Claus. (Chuck Gibson)

All the boys & girls with Santa & Mrs. Claus during St. Columban K of C Christmas December 3, 2021 (Chuck Gibson)