Plans for in-person start on August 26, will be the current Hybrid/Blended learning option offered and board expected to approve remote learning plan at August 11, business meeting

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND OH (August 11, 2020) – It is a fact the Loveland City School District had to pivot from their original  board-approved resolution to return to in-person learning with 5 days a week, full capacity in classroom to a newly formulated “Hybrid/Blended Learning” plan. That resolution also provided authority for the Superintendent of LCSD to make necessary changes based on protocols and guidance from the state and health department authorities.

Loveland Primary School (FILE) 

The pivot away from the original plan came as a result of the assessment and report by LJB – the firm contracted to assess LCSD safety readiness – given during the special progress board meeting last Thursday, August 6. The short version of a more detailed presentation revealed Loveland Schools could not meet the minimum 3-foot social distancing recommended by Hamilton County Public Health in some school buildings. The School Superintendent, Dr. Amy Crouse felt a responsibility to inform the board regarding health department guidelines and concerns about inability to meet those standards consistently.

“We defer to our local public health department,” explained Dr. Crouse. “There was concern we wouldn’t be able to consistently meet the 3-foot minimum suggested distance. I don’t feel like I can recommend that we don’t follow that.”

Dr. Amy Crouse, Superintendent, Loveland City School District (Provided) 

The goal to return to in-person full capacity classroom learning five days a week has not changed. Even with the current plan to return in-person under the hybrid/blended learning model with an option to select remote learning, the percentage of families choosing to return in-person is much higher than those choosing the remote learning option. Crouse indicated the percentage of people selecting remote learning over the hybrid model differed at every grade level; ranging from the highest 34-percent to the lowest 19-percent selecting online learning. Those are numbers based on returns all the way through 11 a.m. Tuesday, August 11.

“There is a percentage of people that didn’t respond the school is following-up with,” said Dr. Crouse. “So, there is a small number of people we don’t know about yet that we are following up on.”

At the Board of Education business meeting Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Dr. Crouse will present information regarding preparation and any possible schedule for a return to five-day, full capacity learning. For now, the hybrid/blended learning model will be used for the return to school Wednesday, August 26. Remember, all of this is subject to change based on guidelines from the state and local authorities as well as decisions made by the LCSD Board of Education. Many questions remain with very few certain answers. Superintendent Dr. Crouse and members of the Board of Education are first to admit the constant change is stressful for all. One constant certainty heard in every meeting or interview with the administrators, board, and teachers is they are doing the best they can to ensure a safe and positive learning experience for all the students of the district.

For more go to the school website “reopening plan” page

 Or view the Board of Education meeting live or video online