Our journey: a special view

By: Jeffrey L. Eldred

LOVELAND, OH (June 19, 2022) – The Walk is an original piece written by a very good friend of mine. By all accounts, Jeffrey L. Eldred first penned this thoughtful view of our life journey on Tuesday, July 24, 2007.  It is published here on Loveland Beacon with his express permission. (All rights reserved) 

The Walk

The sun came up this morning and we begin our walk again.

It seems like we have been walking on this road for quite a while now. There are many of us travelling this journey. There are many to my left, many to my right. I look forward and see there is a large number who are in front of me and I look over my right shoulder and see a large group behind me too.

People don’t talk too much about it, but we keep walking just the same. It’s important for some reason that we finish our walk.

Sometimes the road is made of gravel as we trudge along and sometimes it’s just a dirt road and it’s hard to keep our footing, but we keep walking just the same.

We have been walking a long time now and sometimes we wonder if the trip is worth the effort, but we keep walking just the same. Maybe we will find a clue along the way as to why we walk.

Sometimes the days are sunny and warm and on some days the storm clouds roll in and frighten us with flashes of lightning, crashes of thunder and rains blind our path, but we keep walking just the same.

Sometimes I wonder why we keep walking, but for some reason I know we must.

Sometimes we even run and make up a great distance and sometimes we must crawl along slowly but we keep moving forward just the same.

I must admit there is beauty along the road with forests of green, beautiful crystal blue lakes, winding rivers and majestic mountains that we have climbed together.

The journey has taken us through icy cold days in the winter with falling snow, warm spring days with the sun on our faces as we walked through meadows of wildflowers and tall grasses. Although the summer’s hot rain showers cooled us, as did the summer breezes, we took time to enjoy the view. And speaking of views, the autumns have been spectacular with scenes of the changing of the leaves that can take your breath away.

Whoops! A friend of mine slipped in front of me and fell.  I need to help get him up; after all, he helped me up last week. We are in this together.

Times seem to be getting harder lately. We are walking uphill now. Boy, this hill is steep. My feet hurt and my knees hurt from the journey and I get tired easily, but in the midst of it I know it has to be worth it.

It seems like we are just about at the top of the hill now and I wonder what we will find on the other side. Can’t give up now, we are almost to the top.

Wait a minute. I hear the people in front of me cheering. What is it over that hilltop that has stirred such excitement? The people to my left and right are starting to run toward the hilltop. Me too. We are almost there… Made it!

Amazing! That city that stands in front of me. It is gleaming in a light like I have never known. The streets are made of gold, the gate posts of precious gemstones. The whole place sparkles. There is a river running through it that looks like glittering diamonds. There are people I haven’t seen in years here. How beautiful it is. Angels go to and fro.

The long journey filled with trouble and hardships has most certainly been worth it.

I see Him now! All I can say is Holy, Holy Holy! It’s JESUS! The lover of my soul. The One who died for me that I might live to see this day and live in this place. Thank you, Jesus, for what you did for me.

My journey is now complete. I have run the race and I am home.

Jeffry L. Eldred – accomplished radio show host and author of “The Walk” (Photo courtesy Jeffrey L. Eldred)

NOTE: Jeffrey Eldred is an accomplished radio broadcaster and faithful Christian man who makes his home in Northern Kentucky. You can find him on Facebook sharing inspirational postings.