Loveland hosts their annual Showfest competition this Saturday 3/27 


LOVELAND, OH (March 25, 2021) – Singing and dancing during a pandemic – can they really do that?  Yes – and our Loveland Show Choirs do it in style, both safely . . . and successfully! 

For the uninitiated, a show choir program is a 20 minute high-energy performance of singing and choreography, typically backed up by a band of live musicians and often involving a costume change – with set pieces, lighting, and other tech plus a crew that travels with the performing group.  The choirs compete against similar groups at other schools, continuing to evolve and perfect their shows based in part on judges’ feedback.  The Loveland Show Choirs begin rehearsing their competition set in late autumn, and the contest season lasts from mid-January through the end of March.

Shawn Miller and his team of assistant directors have built and nurtured a top-tier program over the past 25 years, annually earning numerous recognitions regionally as well as on the national stage.  Loveland Middle School’s Revolution involves students in grades 6 through 8.  At the high school, Loveland Allure is an all-female group, while By Request includes men and women.  Each of these choirs have numbered between 38 to 56 performers in recent years, with a Show Band made up of roughly 25 high school student musicians.  The groups are also supported by a student crew, a team of Show-Dads managing the sets and tech, and an army of parent volunteers who support the choirs throughout the season and especially at Showfest – the major event at Loveland High School each year.

Loveland Show Choirs – By Request (Photo credit Carol Hall)

Our school district is fortunate.  While in some parts of the country schools have chosen to curtail some or all student activities, this has not been the case here.  Across all Loveland music, athletic, academic, and extracurricular programs, the directors, coaches, teachers and administrators have worked incredibly hard this year to enable students to participate in enriching activities – safely.  The Show Choirs are but one clear example.  One year ago when life and school essentially ground to a halt and we began to understand how the virus was most easily spread, few people would have bet that we would be able to enjoy many school activities – especially ones involving close proximity, movement, and singing.  But Mr. Miller and the administrative team labored to find a way, coordinating with directors from across the region to determine how to give students the opportunity to perform and compete.

Loveland Middle School Show Choir – Revolution (Photo credit Carol Hall)

Show choir competitions look quite a bit different this year.  Normally held in packed auditoriums or arenas, the contests are whole-day events where performers and audiences from many schools get to observe other groups throughout the day.  This year, competitions are a mix of virtual/livestreamed events and in-person performances, where the audience is limited to just the performers’ own families.  Hosting such competitions is often the major income source for a program each year – resulting in a loss of funding in this unusual season.  Adapting to that reality means less travel and simplifying other expenses to contain costs.  But the contests have gone on nonetheless, and Loveland’s groups have either won or placed in the top three in every single event so far this year.  Both Allure and By Request are still in the running for one virtual competition, Show Choir Live, having performed initially in February and competing in the finals on April 10.

Loveland’s program is highly respected in our region – each year the students represent our community at competitions throughout the Midwest and have competed as far away as Nashville and Orlando.  The performers not only demonstrate excellence on stage, they are also coached on professional, respectful behavior – and it is reflected in the way in which outside observers hold a high regard for both our students and the quality of our program. 

Loveland High School All Girl Show Choir – Allure (Photo Credit Carol Hall)

At Showfest this weekend, Saturday, March 27, 2021, Loveland will host 7 other schools (12 choirs in all) at the High School auditorium.  While this is a smaller competition than Loveland would run in a typical year, they are thrilled to be in the position to invite other schools’ groups into our space and provide the opportunity for them to perform and compete. 

Limited tickets have been made available for purchase to see Loveland or any of the other choirs perform live.  As in other years, a free livestream will also be available so that anyone near or far who cannot make it into the high school can still enjoy the music, dancing, and excitement of the competition.  Loveland groups will perform at the following times:  Revolution @ 9:00am, Allure @ 9:00pm, and By Request @ 9:40pm.  More information, ticket availability, and full performance schedule for Loveland Showfest can be found on the website:

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Loveland is blessed to have talented and committed educators, who motivate and inspire our students to excel and perform at a high level.  We encourage you to get engaged and enjoy what your community has to offer! – John Herbon