A Christmas Story 

A CHRISTMAS STORY – By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (Christmas Eve- December 24, 2023) – This is a Christmas Story I wrote for my granddaughters Haylee & Emma Schill at Christmastime 2004. It was shared with them that Christmas. Soon after that it was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer and in the Loveland Herald at Christmastime. This Christmas Story has become a Christmas tradition. I am happy to continue the tradition here on Loveland Beacon. I hope you and your children enjoy the story. Have a very Merry Christmas! 

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. . .

A Christmas Story

The week before Christmas, and all through the town

Not a store was closed, not even downtown.

All store windows were filled with inviting gift displays;

Gifts for adults and for the children to play.

The children so sure, their greatest gifts would be toys;

Electronic games, which make way too much noise.

Moms with the credit cards, and my bank account sapped;

had just fallen into the commercial Christmas trap,


When over at the church, arose such a chatter;

I just had to find out what really did matter.

Away in my car, I flew way too fast;

With all the snow, lucky not to crash.


I arrived at the church to see such a show,

Only to find the Light we all should know.

Once there, what to my wondering eyes did appear?

But all people to pray and sing with great cheer.

So many people, so lively a song;

I knew right away, this couldn’t be wrong.

It’s about Him, the songs did proclaim

It’s His birthday, Jesus is His name

Then I sat and I listened in,

About where Christmas really did begin

As I settled myself, and looked all around

The church fell silent; you could hear not a sound.

The story was told, He was born that day

Three wise men brought gifts from far away,

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh, were the gifts they brought

Not from a store, those gifts weren’t bought.


He was wrapped in cloth from His head to his toes,

They all looked with wonder, how could they know?

The gift which He brings, He brings for a reason;

The story comes clear; He’s the cause for the Christmas season.

He was wrapped in cloth from his head to his toes . . .

With a glow from above, they all saw the child;

As the song says, “So tender and mild.”

Led by the light in the east sky, one single star;

Brought the wise men and the shepherd, all from afar.


The story was told, then the church bells rang

We all stood in the church as the choir sang.

Like on the first Christmas, I could hear the angels sing;

He was born that day, Christ our King.

The Church Bells Rang. . .






Created by: Chuck Gibson – Written for Granddaughters Haylee and Emma Schill – December 2004

Copy by Permission: Gibson Commuunications, LLC

All rights reserved