From the Poets Corner collection

By Susan F. Adams

LOVELAND, OH (May 21, 2024) – Poet Susan F. Adams takes a nostalgic look at the winter(s) of her youth.

Susan F. Adams September 2023 (Photo Credit Mary Janssens Schultz)

Today’s “Poets Corner” is a trip back in time for our featured poet: Susan F. Adams.

She shared the following story about the nostalgia of today’s feature poem: The Land of My Youth  

Here’s Susan’s commentary: 

I wrote this poem 29 years ago. I still get nostalgic when I read it. The accompanying photo was taken less than a year ago – September 2022 – by my next-door neighbor, Mary, in front of her garden. I was 86 then and can still sing. My cat wakes up at once, jumps into my lap and stares at my face. I hope that doesn’t mean “shut up”. – Susan F. Adams

Susan F. Adams 

January 7, 1995

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