Loveland Man, Joe Harvat tells how on Loveland Beacon Talks

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (December 13, 2023) – When you think Silent Films, you probably think Charlie Chaplin, but there is a lot more history and Silent Film stars to be seen and remembered.

Marie Doro – Silent Film Actress “Lost and Won” (Courtesy Joe Harvat)

A Loveland man has combined his passion for the history of the Silent Film Era and his technical experience in IT to resurrect silent films that otherwise may have been lost forever.

Joe Harvat shares his story on Loveland Beacon Talks: Silent Films.

Joe Harvat says it’s been a lifelong fascination for him. Studying communications, film, and broadcasting in college only deepened his passion for the silent film era of our history. Somehow, he ended up with a long career in IT. 

Joe Harvat – Loveland man restoring Silent Films (Chuck Gibson)

Now, in his retirement, Harvat has combined his IT technical skills with his love of silent film to find and restore silent films of the past bringing back to life actresses from the Silent Film Era. Glamorous actresses from the early 1900’s such as Marie Doro in “Lost and Won” or Olive Thomas in “Out Yonder”. Those are just two of the five silent films he has procured – usually from the Library of Congress – and digitally restored. It is a most fascinating tale of bringing history alive. His most recent silent film project is “Say It With Diamonds” starring Betty Compson – circa 1923.  

Betty Compson (Courtesy Joe Harvat)

Show Title Frame: Say It With Diamonds (Courtesy Joe Harvat)

Olive Thomas from “Out Yonder” (Courtesy Joe Harvat)

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Scene from “Lost and Won” (File photo provided)

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