Veteran’s concert at St. Columban is open to the public

By: Chuck Gibson

Seven Hills Brass and percussion ensemble will perform a concert honoring all veterans at St. Columban Church Saturday, November 9. The concert will be an audio visual experience featuring film clips, video tributes and patriotic music performed by the 14 musicians. They are a group of professional musicians who come from Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky.

“This is in honor of veteran’s,” said Mary Bellman, St. Columban Music Director. “These are people who play for the Dayton Philharmonic, the Springfield Symphony, Northern Kentucky Symphony, Lexington Symphony, the Cincinnati Ballet; they are all symphony musicians.”

This celebration of our veteran’s will include performances of pieces from the music score of films like “Saving Private Ryan,” “American Hero,” the audience will recognize.  Seven Hills Brass will also play the Armed Forces Salute and Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man.

Fanfare for the Common man actually premiered at Music Hall with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra right after the depression,” Bellman said.

In honor of all veterans, St. Columban School students will line the drive area around the church entrance with American flags on Friday in preparation for the Saturday evening concert.  Not only are the students involved, but whole families are encouraged to attend this family friendly musical celebration of our veterans.

The concert is FREE to the public. All of the cost is being covered by the generous donation of a St. Columban parishioner. Bellman especially urges all families to bring any relative who may have served, or is currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. The St. Columban Choir will be on hand to register and welcome all veterans who attend for a chance to win one of several “Quilts of Valor” to be awarded. Names of veterans attending will be drawn during the concert. Winners will be recognized and presented with a “Quilt of Valor” to honor their service.

Bellman attended a similar veteran’s concert performed by Seven Hills Brass one year ago. That experience served as the inspiration to organize the St. Columban veteran’s concert this year. It goes deeper for Bellman though. Veteran’s Day and honoring our veterans has held special meaning for her throughout her life here in Cincinnati. Her father served and always showed great respect for all veterans. There is a long history of Bellman family members serving; a family tradition which continues today.

“What we have here in America is unique. The freedoms we have are unique,” she said. “People have fought and died for them. Along with all the struggles our military faces, there is also great beauty. Composers have sought to express that in a beautiful way accessible to everyone.”

It is an opportunity to gather and recognize the sacrifices veterans have made. This concert will allow the audience to just take a breath and honor the people who have served, their families, their loved ones and all of us who have benefitted from their service. Seven Hills Brass will play for about 90 minutes.

“Brass sounds fabulous in our church,” said Bellman. “They’re just a wonderful group. People should go support them at other places. They’re just fantastic.”

Save the Date!

When: Saturday, November 9 | 7:00 p.m.

What: Seven Hills Brass in concert to honor veterans

Where: St. Columban Church, 894 Oakland Rd., Loveland, OH 45140

FREE to the public – Family friendly for all ages. 

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Photo captions: 1) The Seven Hills Brass Ensemble will honor Veterans in a concert at St. Columban Church, 2) The St. Columban Church Sanctuary will host the Veterans Concert Saturday, November 6, @ 7 p.m., 3) St. Columban Church welcomes the public for the Veteran’s Concert