Quick response and investigation determines all safe at LMS

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (February 11, 2021)  – Sometime Wednesday, February 10, school officials at Loveland Middle School were made aware of a possible safety concern involving a LMS student.

Loveland Middle School with LPD vehicle visible (Chuck Gibson File)

The Loveland Middle School officials were alerted to a safety concern for one of their students by the family. The family kept the student out of school and safe at home for the day. At least one student in attendance at LMS Wednesday reported receiving a text message from the student who remained at home. Once informed of the safety concern, school administrators at Loveland Middle School responded quickly to investigate and ensure a safe environment. 

Brad Neavin, Interim Superintendent, LCSD (File Photo)

Loveland City Schools Interim Superintendent Brad Neavin reiterated the safety of everyone at any Loveland School is the primary objective.

“The safety and security of our staff, students and visitors is of utmost priority,” said Neavin. “We want to do what we can to communicate with our parents that we are taking care of their children. We want to assure them there was never any threat to any students and the situation was handled appropriately by our team at the middle school and our outside resources.”

An investigation was immediately initiated utilizing LMS administration, LCSD administration, student support personnel, the school resource officer and City of Loveland Police Department. Chief Sean Rahe, Loveland Police Department says they were made aware of a LMS student potentially in crisis outside of the school.

Sean Rahe, Chief, Loveland Police Department (Provided)

“We went to visit that child to ensure he was safe and getting the follow-up care he needed,” said Chief Rahe. “We checked in with mom and dad to make sure everything was safe at his house.”

Any stories or social media comments which spread during the day Wednesday indicating a threat to safety of students, staff or others at Loveland Middle School were simply rumors. The investigation including communication with parents of the student revealed there was no threat to LMS at any time Wednesday.

“What we found, and to our knowledge there was never any immediate danger to anybody,” Rahe said. He also confirmed the student in question was never on school grounds Wednesday.

David Knapp, Principal Loveland Middle School (Provided)

LMS Principal David Knapp sent out an “LMS Safety Update” via “Tiger Talk” email apprising Loveland Schools families of the situation Wednesday.

“In communication with the parents of the student, the situation was addressed and, per the investigation, Loveland Middle School was determined to be safe,” Knapp wrote. “Thank you for your continued cooperation and collaboration.”

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