Holiday season event raised $1,500 just in time for

LIFE Holiday Giving

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (December 9, 2021) – Sue Burnett and Chris Owens held their ninth Run/Walk for a Reason charity event Saturday, December 4, at the Narrow Path Brewing Company hoping to raise $1,000 for LIFE Food Pantry’s Holiday Giving Shoppe program.

Signs posted at Narrow Path Brewing entrance during the Run/Walk for a Reason event Saturday, December 4, (Chuck Gibson)

They did better than they hoped actually raising $1,500 from their Run/Walk for a Reason event. There was no entrance fee for anyone who wished to participate running or walking along the Scenic Little Miami River Trail (aka: Loveland Bike Trail). The idea is to get people up, out, together and moving for their own good and a great cause raising a little money for the good of others around the community.

Some people came out early Saturday morning and took a quick run or walk along the trail. While there was no entrance fee, people were encouraged to make a donation and enjoy some “Free Beer” with friends back at the Narrow Path Brewery whether they ran, walked, of simply stopped by to meet new friends.  Among those who stopped by was Loveland Mayor Kathy Bailey with her husband Bob and her sister’s family.

Left to right: David Whelan, Chris Owens, and Brian Lindsay all ran/walked together before enjoying fun at Narrow Path during the Run/Walk event (Chuck Gibson)

“WOW! THANK YOU!   We CRUSHED our $1,000 goal for the Loveland Interfaith Effort  LIFE’s Holiday Giving Shop, clearing over $1,400 in cash, Venmo, and online purchases. Thanks to Narrow Path Brewing for providing a free beer to those donating $50 or more, and to Nectar Springs for providing tasty infused water for us – it was a wonderful day all around!” – comment posted on Facebook by Sue Burnett and Chris Owens, organizers of the Run/Walk for a Reason series of charity events.

Linda Bergholz, Executive Director, LIFE Food Pantry (middle) accepts check for $1,500 presented by Sue Burnett (left) and Chris Owens (right) from proceeds of Run/Walk for a Reason event (Chuck Gibson)

On Wednesday morning, December 8, Burnett and Owens met up with Linda Bergholz, Loveland InterFaith Effort (LIFE) Food Pantry Executive Director, at the pantry located in Shoppers Haven on Loveland-Madeira Road in Loveland, OH. Both Burnett and Owens just want to give back to the community where they live, work and play. Give back is just what they did presenting the $1,500 check to Bergholz in time to make an impact on the LIFE Holiday Giving Shoppe program.

“It’s a remarkable donation today,” said Bergholz. “It means we can purchase, socks, underwear and pajamas for kids and a lot of items we are low on.”

Thank you’s and assorted other notes displayed on the bulletin board at LIFE Food Pantry where they received a $1,500 donation for the Giving Shoppe program Wednesday, December 8, 2021 (Chuck Gibson)

Bergholz explained the donation is timely and allows LIFE the opportunity to provide the “less glamorous” items not usually at the top of the list for donors. Families love to pull a toy tag from the tree. They want to buy a toy, or a crockpot. Socks, underwear, 3X large size clothing is not the glamorous gift people like to donate.

“They’re fundamental basics every family needs,” Bergholz said. “The things people don’t thing to donate, this will make it possible for us to just go buy them.”

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