Loveland Police Department recognized by the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police & the Law Enforcement Foundation


LOVELAND, OH (May 11, 2021) – The Loveland Police Department (LPD) was named the May 2021 “Agency of the Month” in the “Sharing Ohio’s Best” program for its community policing efforts.  

In 2018, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) and the Law Enforcement Foundation (LEF) formed a committee that started the “Sharing Ohio’s Best” program to help bring awareness to agencies that promote positive policing.

Loveland Police Department logo (Image Provided)

“It is our pleasure to recognize the outstanding efforts by the Loveland Police Department for their community policing commitment that helps make us stronger. We congratulate Chief Rahe and the hardworking members of his agency that have gone above and beyond to provide quality community policing ideas to their citizens.” – Statement issued by the committee. 

LPD was recognized for its training programs, held in partnership with the Ohio Crime Prevention Association (OCPA):

  • In 2020, two sessions of House of Worship Safety and Security were held, teaching approximately 105 attendees measures to help keep churches, synagogues and temples safe from security threats including active shooters.
  • A Basic Crime Prevention Training was held for approximately 20 officers to provide tools for building police and community relations.
  • LPD officers Angela Smallwood, Jesse Moore, and Jacob Steinkoenig completed training to become Certified Crime Prevention Specialists.

For the “Sharing Ohio’s Best” award, the committee compiles submissions from agencies and selects one each month to be recognized. Typically, the committee focuses on creativity and how the program impacts the individual community. Other programs that have been recognized include a teen driving course and programs to help the disabled.

Loveland Police Chief Sean Rahe (File)

“Loveland Police Department’s house of worship security and safety training has a proven success record in their community. This connection in their community has helped provide a better sense of security for those who attend any of their local churches to worship. It is evident that Chief Raye and his staff have made progress in this area of law enforcement and are a great example of how to advance a common goal of community safety in Loveland.” – Statement issued by the committee

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