Grant’s Wolfpack is becoming a pretty strong group of supporters for Grant Wolf’s cancer battle

– Loveland Storm FC joined in to help

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (November 11, 2020)  –  Grant Wolf is a 2nd grade student at Loveland Primary School  who has been battling  Medulloblastoma since being diagnosed last September. His brother, Mathew, plays soccer for Loveland Storm FC

Grant’s Wolfpack support is all around Loveland including this window painting by LMS Students (File photo)

There has been community-wide support for Grant during his ongoing battle. The group of supporters has taken on the moniker Grant’s Wolfpack. They were excited to hear encouraging news during the summer that Grant was responding to treatment, but recent news that the cancer has spread inspired Grant’s Wolfpack and Loveland Storm FC to rally for Grant and his family.

Loveland Storm FC is more than a soccer club. In a show of support and effort to bring some good cheer, they decided to create a special video for him. In a true showing of love and support for a teammate, the club shared this special video made for Grant.

Click here to watch the video from Loveland Storm FC.

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