REMINDER: Community Session Monday, May 16, at LMS Cafeteria

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (May 13, 2022) – The Loveland City School District (LCSD) continues the process “Strategic Vision” planning inviting the public to join in the planned community session Monday, May 16, at 6:00 in the Loveland Middle School (LMS) cafeteria. 

Mike Broadwater, Superintendent, Loveland City School District (Provided)

Mike Broadwater, LCSD Superintendent, has made it clear he wants to hear what the public wants for the future vision of Loveland Schools. 

“As I got to know the community a little bit more, and know where the community was,” said Broadwater, “You know what, I just need to be able to sit back and listen.”

Several meetings have already taken place including community sessions and two meetings of the Strategic Design Team which includes members of the community, staff, parents, and students. Those were focused meetings based on feedback from the community in a public survey. 

“One way or another the board needs to make a decision based on what is it the community wants.” – Mike Broadwater, LCSD Superintendent.

The Strategic Vision Community Session planned for Monday, May 16, offers the community a forum for input in the planning for LCSD’s future; for the future of their students. 

Here is a recent update from Superintendent Mike

Broadwater inviting the community to

join the planning process: 

Strategic Vision Update:

Loveland City School District continues to work on a Strategic Vision, which will include shared goals for our students and our district, along with action steps to get us there. The Strategic Vision is our effort to build cooperation and trust with our parents, students, staff, and community members as we all work together for the success of Loveland City Schools. The Strategic Vision will be an important tool for accountability and serve as a reference point for our district leadership, teachers and staff.

There have been two meetings of our Strategic Vision Design Team, which is made up of about 130 community members, students, parents, and staff. During the first meeting, they conducted an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the district. The SWOT analysis results were shared by Superintendent Mike Broadwater during this week’s Board Meeting (that presentation can be reviewed under “Important Documents” at

Thanks to the feedback, our Strategic Vision work is focused on four areas: Student Success, Community Engagement, Culture, and Facilities/Finance. Strategic Vision Design Team members shared ideas for goals and success measures in each of those areas during their second meeting.

We want our community to attend two important meetings in the coming weeks. First, a community input session on Monday, May 16 at 6 pm in the cafeteria at Loveland Middle School. This will be your opportunity to review the first draft of the Strategic Vision and provide feedback. The second, is Strategic Vision Launch Night on Monday, June 6, at 5 pm in the Loveland Middle School Cafeteria. The final draft of the Strategic Vision will be unveiled during that meeting, and our Board of Education will be asked to formally adopt the Vision during a special meeting at 6 pm that evening.

We will continue to keep you updated as the process moves forward.

Don’t miss your chance to be heard –

This Monday, May 16, 6:00 p.m. LMS Cafeteria. 

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