New learning option delivers excellence in education

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications 

INDIAN HILL, OH (August 17, 2020) – The Indian Hill School District is excited to present Brave Virtual Academy as our new learning option for Indian Hill families wanting to study in a flexible, online environment.

Dr. Kim Given, Supervisor Brave Virtual Academy (Provided)

 Our priority is to make sure students, their families, and our educators work together to build a world-class learning environment for students.

“We examined several factors that together compose an excellent learning experience, including learner motivation, proper stimulus, evaluation of application of learning, engagement in feedback, and celebration of progress. These were all woven into the fabric of Brave Virtual Academy to ensure our online model is what our students and parents expect from an Indian Hill education,” said Dr. Kim Given, supervisor of Brave Virtual Academy.

As a part of Indian Hill’s Brave Virtual Academy, many things will be similar to what our face-to-face learners experience. Learners will have a mix of live and asynchronous learning incorporating the best of teaching practices:

  • Personalization: providing unique learning pathways for individual students
  • Agency: giving learners opportunities to participate in key decisions in their learning experience
  • Authentic Audience: giving learners the opportunity to create for a real audience both locally and globally
  • Connectivity: giving learners opportunities to experience learning in collaboration with peers and experts locally and globally
  • Creativity: providing learners individual and collaborative opportunities to make things that matter while building skills for their future

“We also plan to take advantage of the flexibility online learning offers,” said Dr. Given. “Our online learners will have access to more one-on-one small group time with teachers; customization in pacing of material; more opportunities to collaborate with peers embedded into projects; additional changes to engage in personalized learning; and, emphasis on student-selected topics of study.”

“Our Brave Virtual Academy students are our students, and they will be a part of all we do as a District. This will begin with an opening of school celebration, relationship building, and discussing our hopes and expectations for our learning time together,” said Indian Hill Assistant Superintendent Dr. Melissa Stewart. “We are very excited to engage with our students and our families in this new, innovative way.”

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