Nearly 200 walked and prayed with Desmon Gault in Loveland, Tuesday, June 2, – it was the fourth day of prayer and peace walk for the Loveland man

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (June 2, 2020) – Desmon Gault started out on his own Saturday, walked with his family on Sunday, saw a group of more than 30 join him Monday, but was astonished as he was joined in prayer and a peaceful walk through Loveland, Ohio Tuesday evening. 

Gault led the group in prayer on the parking lot of Prince of Peace church before leading them on a peaceful walk down W. Loveland Avenue onto Rich Road and over to pray again on the driveway leading to Loveland High School 

“All the Glory to God,” said Gault. “The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis hit me hard. I had to go to scriptures and prayer. That led me to walk. Here we are.” 

FULL STORY TO FOLLOW ON LOVELAND BEACON Wednesday, June 3, – Keep watch. 

Nearly 200 peaceful marchers prayed with Desmon Gault on the driveway at Loveland High School Tuesday evening, June 2, in Loveland, OH (Chuck Gibson)