$75K for ongoing revitalization effort in Loveland Heights

CITY OF LOVELAND: Krista Rose (Edited for publication) 

LOVELAND, OH (June 8, 2022) –The City of Loveland has secured a $75,000 grant to upgrade the Loveland Heights’ playgrounds. The playground upgrade is part of the ongoing city nieghborhood revitalization efforts.  

Loveland Mayor, Kathy Bailey (Provided)

The Loveland Heights is one of the oldest recorded subdivisions in Hamilton County, comprising approximately 500 single-family residences mostly constructed in the mid-1950s. The Heights includes two playgrounds, commonly referred to as Tot-Lot Parks. The Tot-Lots, which are located on Cherokee and Navaho Streets, have existing playsets that were installed in 2007 and need replacement.

“This grant award is another example of the city’s commitment to the redevelopment of the Loveland Heights.” –  Kathy Bailey, Loveland Mayor

Not only will the playgrounds be upgraded, but free public Wi-Fi will be added.

Tot-Lot Parks in the Loveland Heights neighborhood will be upgraded with new playgrounds and free public Wi-Fi, thanks to grant funds. (Provided)

The city intends this to be a benefit to residents living within the Heights, including students who may not have access to the internet. This is an idea supported by the Loveland City School District and NEST (Nutrition, Education, Safety, Transformation) Community Learning Center, a non-profit organization with a significant focus on students living within the Heights, on the city’s grant application.

“These parks are centrally located within the Heights,” said David Kennedy, City Manager. “New playsets, seating and free, unlimited internet access will allow these areas to become meeting places for residents and help build the feeling of community.” 

This project is part of a larger effort to revitalize the Loveland Heights. In recent years, the city has focused on several large projects in the neighborhood:

  • The city secured two Hamilton County Community Development Block Grants to repair aging water system valves in the Heights. This is critical for public health, safety and fire protection.
  • The city owned two vacant parcels along Highland and West Main Streets. The land was sold to allow for the construction of affordable housing.
  • Profits from the parcel sales were utilized for the creation of the Heights Housing Rehabilitation Matching Grant Program, which 13 homeowners have taken advantage of to make significant exterior home repairs, such as foundation repairs or roofing.

The Loveland Heights is one of the oldest recorded subdivisions in Hamilton County, comprising approximately 500 single-family residences. In recent years, the City of Loveland launched several projects to revitalize the neighborhood. Next on the list: upgraded playgrounds with free public Wi-Fi coming in Spring 2023.

Upgrades of the Tot-Lot Parks will begin in spring 2023. The city will partner with altafiber (formerly Cincinnati Bell) to install the Wi-Fi hot spots.

The project grant is funded through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The total estimated project cost is $143,784, which breaks down as $138,520 for the playsets and $5,264 for Wi-Fi installation.

To learn more about the city’s nearly 20 parks, please visit: https://www.lovelandoh.gov/174/Parks-Trails.