Cancer patient Ron Sikkema of Loveland returned home healthy & grateful after 38 day battle with COVID-19

NEWS RELEASE: Carol O’Hare, Marketing Manager

LOVELAND, OH (May 7, 2020) – Ron Sikkema of Loveland, Ohio came to UC Health’s West Chester Hospital Emergency Department on March 28, 2020, with a medical issue possibly related to the lymphoma cancer he has been courageously battling. After 38 days, he recovered and was released to return to his home in Loveland. 

Ron Sikkema of Loveland, Ohio battled COVID-19 & Cancer for 38 days at UC Health’s West Chester Hospital (U.C. Video – photo Chuck Gibson)

He was tested and diagnosed with COVID-19. His condition deteriorated so quickly that he was moved to the intensive care unit (ICU). Doctors immediately intubated him and placed him on a ventilator to open up his airway, administer oxygen and help him breathe.

Despite the fast decline of his lung function and delicate condition, Ron was able to turn the corner, and his condition slowly improved. A highlight of his lengthy stay took place on April 27, as he celebrated his 55th birthday. Ron was surprised that afternoon by 33 of his coworkers from Procter & Gamble who cheered him on, and held signs of encouragement that he could see from the window of his hospital room. Ron was brought to tears by the unexpected celebration. He shared, “This is truly the best birthday I have ever had, and I have never felt so much love and support.”

U.C. Hospital West Chester staff celebrate the recovery and going home release of Ron Sikkema May 4 (U.C. Video Photo by Chuck Gibson)

On May 4, Ron’s remarkable recovery was celebrated by the staff at West Chester Hospital when he was released by doctors to return home after battling COVID-19 for 38 days. As he was wheeled out with cheers from the hospital team, he garnered enough energy to say thank you to everyone.

Click here to see short video clip showing Ron’s triumphant release from West Chester Hospital: