Loveland Primary School and Loveland Elementary School buildings will be closed Wednesday, January 27,

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH  (January 24, 2021) – Grant Wolf touched the hearts of many during a nearly two-year courageous hard-fought battle with cancer. The Loveland 2nd grader passed away early Friday morning January 22, 2021 at age 7. 

A private funeral mass will be held at St. Columban for Grant Wolf. (Chuck Gibson)

By request of the Wolf family, the funeral mass for Grant will be held privately Wednesday. The funeral procession  will travel along Loveland-Madeira Road at noontime Wednesday offering an opportunity for the community to participate. 

Inspired by the courageous battle of 7  year-old Grant Wolf, the community of Loveland came together to support him with “Grant’s Wolf Pack” signs all around town. Just two weeks ago, orange ribbons and more signs went up all around town as businesses and private citizens “Paint the Town Orange” in honor of his favorite color.

The Loveland Community came together to support “Grant;s Wolf Pack” during the 7 year-old’s battle with cancer (Chuck Gibson)

Here is the Loveland City School District Schedule Update released to honor Grant Wolf and “Grant’s Wolf Pack” supporters this week: 

Grant Wolf, a 2nd-grade student at Loveland Primary School, died Friday after a hard-fought battle with cancer. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support from our community for the Wolf family during this difficult time, as people “Back the Pack”.


We are making some adjustments to in-person learning for Loveland Primary School and Loveland Elementary School on Wednesday, to allow for those students to say their goodbyes. Because of this, LPS and LES will not be holding in-person learning, or remote learning classes on Wednesday, January 27. Loveland Primary School and Loveland Elementary School buildings will be closed, and students will engage in asynchronous learning.

This means that on Tuesday, in-person students will bring home assignments that are to be completed on Wednesday. Remote teachers will communicate directly with their students and families about expectations for Wednesday. Teachers will be available, via email, on Wednesday from 8:30-11:30 am for questions and assistance with work.

This is a one-day adjustment to allow students and staff to participate in the funeral procession for Grant as it travels along Loveland-Madeira Road at 12:00 on Wednesday. Because of the young age of the students, and the deep emotions such an experience may trigger, we feel it is best for parents to make the decision about whether to participate in this event and be on hand to provide the necessary emotional support.

This is a loss for the Wolf family, Grant’s classmates, the “Wolf Pack” of supporters, and for the entire Loveland community. We know this sudden change in schedule may create challenges for families, but it is also important to stand together in times of adversity. This schedule change will allow for parents to play the primary role in supporting their students as they process their grief.

Class schedules will remain the same at the other Loveland City Schools on Wednesday, except for one change. At 9:15 am all other buildings and offices across the district will hold a unified moment of silence.

Thank you, Tiger Families, for the support you’ve shown and continue to show to the Wolf family during this difficult time.