A caravan of cars carrying LHS Seniors wound through the community honking, waving, and celebrating Friday evening May 22

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (May 23, 2020)  – Friday evening May 22, was a time of celebration in neighborhoods all around Loveland. The LHS Class of 2020 joined together in a caravan of cars starting at Loveland High School and winding through the streets of the community to celebrate and be celebrated on the eve of their graduation.  

The LHS Class of 2020 Moving Assembly started at the high school (Chuck Gibson) 

The seniors and their families rode around town honking horns, and waving at the people who sat in driveways, parking lots and on street corners to cheer them on. People were everywhere you looked as the grads rode past. There were banners, balloons, photos and a lot of cell phone videos being made.

“Tonight was something special, something my family and I will never forget,” said Susan Kavouras, one of the parents participating in the ‘Moving Assembly”  “This community showed tonight why Loveland is so special. Neighborhood after neighborhood tons of people were out to show their support to our seniors and I for one am extremely grateful. 

Loveland Class of 2020 Celebrated Friday, May 22, (Chuck Gibson) 

Meredith DeWitt was the lead organizer of the special ‘Moving Assembly’ and rode in the lead car with her graduating senior too.

“You will never know just how much you touched this class,” Kavouras said. “Special thanks to Meredith DeWitt for all of your hard work you put into this. Thank you.”

The line of vehicles stretched all the way around the circle driveway in front of the school and out onto Rich Road. The cars at the end of the line didn’t seem to mind the wait to get started. Johnna Kramer was one of the drivers with her graduating daughter Katlyn.

Part of the group celebrating LHS Grads Friday evening (Chuck Gibson) 

“It’s just a small group celebrating the accomplishments of the seniors for 2020,” said Kramer.

Small may not have been the best way to describe the size of the group. There had to have been close to 60 cars in the assembly. Lori Ditchen was in the Kramer car with her graduating son Alex.

 “When I heard about this, I was super-excited because I knew the disappointment of not having a graduation,” said Ditchen. “They lost out on so much. I was super-excited to hear that we get to really celebrate.”

It was a great turnout in the driveway of Mark Schrantz and all around (Chuck Gibson)

She expected the city to respond with a great turnout. She was not disappointed. The two grads, Alex Ditchen and Katlyn Kramer shared the enthusiasm for celebrating with the community.

“This is nice,” said Alex. “This is the first time since the end of school I’ve gotten to see all my classmates together. That’s pretty cool.”

“I’m excited,” Katlyn added. “It’s nice to see the community has rallied up to support us during a difficult time.”


Support was on many street corners for the LHS 2020 grads (Chuck Gibson) 

The community rallied with support in a big way evidenced immediately by groups of people waving and cheering from Prince of Peace parking lot.

Brian Astifan was there with his wife Robin and their two sons, Ethan, LHS junior, and Isaac, LHS freshman next year. The boys thought it was pretty cool to see everyone. Their dad felt it was a way to overcome the disappointment of not having a graduation for the Class of 2020.

“This was a great idea,” said Astifan. “I’m glad we were able to come out and support them as they went by. It was a lot of fun. The ability to do something was great. It was a perfect night for it.”  

The grads were having fun during the drive around town (Chuck Gibson) 

This was not a new thing for Alice McCaleb and her family. They are big supporters of Loveland High School. All three of her kids are Loveland School’s students including one who will be a junior next year. They were there Friday evening and have been there for past celebrations for Loveland students.

 “It was so fun,” she said. “The turnout was great. The weather was great; just to celebrate them was great. We came out for the kids, to celebrate their success.”

Enjoynig the ride through Belle Meade. (Chuck Gibson)

As the assembly of LHS Class of 2020 moved around town, the community cheered and waved from driveways, street corners and parking lots all along the way.  Signs, balloons and streamers of all kinds welcomed the Class of 2020 assembly as they passed.  The neighbors and friends in Belle Meade showed a lot of enthusiasm and excitement while they anticipate d the arrival of the caravan. Mark Schrantz hosted a group of neighbors in his driveway.  

“Somebody told me there was going to be a parade,” said Schrantz. “We’re out here having a good time waiting for the moving assembly, supporting Loveland and supporting the high school grads.”

Just one of the decorated cars (Chuck Gibson) 

All around Belle Meade, the community came out to support the Loveland High School Class of 2020 caravan. It was an extended celebration for Anne Livingston and her family. Her son turned seven and had a birthday parade earlier in the day. That’s the reason Anne’s mom and dad came down from Canton, Ohio. They came down for their grandson’s birthday, but came out and showed support for the LHS grads too. They even waited on the street corner more than 40 minutes for the grads to come through.

“Of course it was worth it to see all the grads,” said Livingston. “I thought everybody did a great job decorating their cars.”

If you ask any of the Class of 2020, I’m sure they’ll say it was worth the wait too. Today, Saturday, May 23, the wait will be officially over. Loveland High School is handing out diplomas one by one at the “by appointment” graduation ceremony in the school auditorium.