Large crowd of those opposing the recently defeated proposed levy expected to be on hand

By: Chuck Gibson

The Loveland City School District Board of Education will meet Thursday, November 7, at 6 p.m. in the Loveland Intermediate School & Loveland Middle School Media Center. 

This will be the first meeting of the Board of Education following defeat of the November 5, ballot school levy. Finances and next steps for the continuing operation and planning for the future of Loveland City Schools will be first and foremost on the agenda in the wake of the landslide defeat of the levy.

Board of Education President Art Jarvis is expecting a large crowd to be in attendance based on the buzz from social media. The meeting is open to the public for observation, but it is not a public hearing, and will not be open for public comments or questions. It is a work session to begin the process to determine how the school district will move forward and engage the public in the process. 

“Nobody can say they haven’t heard about it now,” said Jarvis. “Every member of this board and the school administration wants what is best for the students; we just want the community to tell us what they want. I truly believe we did that, but we’re here to find out what they want for our schools. Then it is our job to figure out how to give them the best education we can for their kids.” 

Jarvis also noted Loveland is part of an alliance that represents well over 20 school districts throughout Ohio meeting with State Representatives this Monday in Columbus. It is a continuing effort to effect change in the current system for funding public education throughout the state. Jarvis will be in Columbus with that alliance on Monday. 

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