Will City of Loveland regular scheduled meeting be held virtually

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (April 13, 2020) – In a previous interview with Loveland Beacon, Loveland City Manager Dave Kennedy emphasized the importance for the city to proceed with business. 

                         Loveland City Manager David Kennedy (Provided) 

Kennedy told Loveland Beacon in an interview April 1, they were moving forward with plans for the scheduled Loveland City Council Meeting April 14. He said then, Assistant City Manager Tom Smith was already testing virtual meeting technology which was being used in other cities. 

“It’s important to proceed with business, we can’t stick our head in the sand,” said Kennedy. “We need to move forward planning for April 14, meeting.”

Entrance Loveland City Hall Building (Chuck Gibson) 

The official City of Loveland website shows the April 14, meeting on the “public Meetings” schedule. It includes the meeting agenda. The agenda includes Ordinance Reading for “Council Rules” on video and virtual meetings and “Ordinance amending” the section pertaining to Loveland Code which would ultimately allow for open meetings by electronc, teleconference, web, or video means, and declaration of an emergency.  

Click here to see the public meetings agenda for City of Loveland 4/14/2020 

“My direction from the Mayor and City Council is to follow this to the limit of the law and that’s what we do,” Kennedy said.