Sale of Sunflower paintings at Painted River Art Studio

to help Ukraine

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (April 15, 2022) – The Sunflower is the National Flower of Ukraine and a symbol of peace and solidarity. The Painted River Art Studio in Milford (Artist/owner Nancy Achberger and resident artist Kate Albert) is hosting a sunflower painting fundraiser which began April 8, and will run through Sunday, April 24, to help displace Ukrainians. 

Sunflowers for Ukraine flyer (Provided)

The sunflower painting fundraiser is the brainchild of artist Nancy Achberger, owner Painted River Art Studio. Seeing reports of the horrors of bombings in Ukraine and the fleeing people, as well as hearing first-hand accounts from an artist friend whose family remains in western Ukraine, inspired Achberger to search for way to help. Sunflowers for Ukraine is the result.

“Watching as millions of Ukrainians are displaced from their homes leaves us grasping for ways to help them,” said Achberger. “I have a fundraiser going on for the Ukraine. Everyone is in shock, horror and sad about what’s going on in the Ukraine. I was painting some sunflowers and saw on social media paintings of sunflowers. I thought I should sell my sunflower paintings and donate it to the Ukraine.”

l-r artists Kate Albert with Nancy Achberger, artist and owner of Painted River Art Studio hosting Sunflowers for Ukraine fundraiser (Courtesy Nancy Achberger)

Buyer Mike and Pam Hazard. Painting by Mandy Putnam from Loveland (Courtesy Nancy Achberger)

Achberger decided that would not be big enough. Next she invited Cincinnati area artists to donate their paintings of sunflowers to a show called: “Sunflowers for Ukraine”. From idea at the end of March to show opening last Friday, April 8, was a whirlwind. Despite the whirlwind effort to open, her Painted River Art Studio hosted opening night with a studio displaying beautiful sunflower paintings from a variety of Cincinnati artists. Best of all, artists were on hand to greet a good crowd of patrons who purchased several of their sunflower paintings.

“The opening night was last Friday and it continues through Sunday, the 24th,” Achberger said.

There were more than 35 artists with over 50 pieces of artwork.

“We had a fantastic weekend,” said Achberger. “Over the weekend, we sold 25 of them. We raised $3,500 dollars.”

Ivanka Lempitskiy, (on the left) with her pastel painting and the couple that bought it at opening night. (Courtesy Nancy Achberger)

Sunflower paintings and the crowd Opening Night at Painted River Art Studio (Courtesy Nancy Achberger)

The show is off to an “incredible” start. Achberger is trying to get the word out to “keep the ball rolling” for “Sunflowers for Ukraine” to help the Ukrainian people. Artists contributing sunflower paintings for Ukraine come from all around the Cincinnati area and a wide range of ages and experience.

The “Blessed” painting by artist Adele Garneret who is over 100 years old (Chuck Gibson)

The painting by teenager high school student artist Holly Erickson (Chuck Gibson)

Artist Adele Garneret is over 100 years old and contributed a painting title “Blessed”.  Holly Erickson was the youngest contributing artist as a teenager still attending high school. 

Don Schuster, President of the Cincinnati Art Club contributed a painting and was also subject of the sunflower field painting by artist Peggy Grosser. The works also include a painting by Ivanka Lempitskiy, a native of Ukraine.

“I have a friend who I paint with on Tuesdays who is from the Ukraine,” said Achberger. “Her sister and her mother live there and her son and his family live there.”

Painting by Don Schuster, President Cincinnati Art Club (Chuck Gibson)

Painting by Peggy Grosser shows Don Schuster painting in a field of sunflowers (Chuck Gibson)

Local artist Kate Albert shares space in Achberger’s Painted River Art Studio. She is known for her unique landscape paintings from all around the area including Loveland, Milford and Cincinnati. Arnold is painting another unique landscape piece for the Ukraine fundraiser.

“Kate is painting a violin in a Ukrainian landscape,” Achberger explained. “She is going to raffle that off; she’s selling tickets to raffle that off. She’s going to raffle it on Sunday, April 24. We’re going to have a closing reception party on the 24th.”   

Artist Kate Albert painting a Ukraine landscape on a violin which will be raffled off at show closeing (Courtesy Nancy Achberger)

Everyone who purchases a sunflower painting receives a miniature Ukraine flag like the one Nancy Achberger is displaying here (Chuck Gibson)

Sunflowers for Ukraine (CLICK HERE to contact Painted River Art Studio, Nancy Achberger) 

  • NOW through April 24, 2022
  • Painted River Art Studio 
  • 204 Main Street
  • Milford, OH 45150
  • CLICK HERE to visit Painted River Art Studio on Facebook

“Sunflowers for Ukraine” is open Now through Sunday, April 24th. Here are the hours:

Regular Business Hours –

  • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 11a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Special “Sunflowers for Ukraine” hours –

  • Sunday, April 10th and 24th: 12 (noon) – 4 p.m.
  • Special NOTE: Closing reception: Sunday, April 24th, 1:00 – 4:00 pm.
  • Go see the beautiful sunflower paintings and participate in the fundraiser for the Ukrainian people.
  • Cincinnati artists are stepping up to donate their beautiful sunflower paintings to a fundraiser to help the Ukrainian people.
  • Proceeds from the sale of these sunflower paintings will be donated to help displaced Ukrainians.
  • Please stop by Painted River Art Studio to see artworks available for purchase.