Lauren Parker shares her journey with Sporting Club Madrid.

By Lauren Parker (Via Facebook with her permission) 

Madrid, Spain (September 1,2022 ) – Hola, I would be lying if I said everything was going absolutely fantastic.

Lauren’s space in Madrid (Image courtesy Lauren Parker)

I think the most challenging part about after college especially when you move to a new country and don’t know the language is how lonely you are. In college, you are used to having tons of same-aged people around you. I have been feeling very lonely lately.

Besides soccer practice, there is not much else planned for my day. I try to get out and explore the city as much as I can but I can’t wait for school to start so I can meet more people and can have more things so I have less free time.

However, I do really love my new roommates. They are both Americans who are sophomores in undergrad and are on the team with me. They have been so caring and so kind, and have helped me a lot. I knew this was going to be such an adjustment period, and I know that with time this will get better!

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Theb Royal Palace of Madrid during one of Lauren’s exploring trips (Courtesy Lauren Parker)