Dedication ceremony took place Thursday morning

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (September 1, 2022) – Blue skies and warm sunshine  for the HOMEARAMA at Chimney Ridge dedication today was a stark contrast to the freezing temperatures during groundbreaking ceremonies held in late January.

Dave Stroup, President HBA during Chimney Ridge HOMEARAMA dedication Thursday, September 1, 2022 (Chuck Gibson)

There were a lot of smiling faces on hand for the Thursday morning, September 1, 2022 dedication ceremony for the Home Builders Association (HBA) HOMEARAMA at Chimney Ridge in Loveland, Ohio. A crowd of 60-70 people gathered at Chimney Ridge – the site of the HBA’s 59th annual HOMEARAMA to watch the ribbon cutting and official welcoming dedication for the new home showcase. Most in attendance were leaders of HBA, the developer, builders and Loveland city officials. Dave Stroup, President HBA of Greater Cincinnati made opening remarks and served as emcee for the dedication ceremony. He expressed his gratitude for all who played key roles in organizing the 2022 HOMEARAMA as well as his excitement for the showcase of homes is September 3-18 beginning this Saturday. 

“It’s incredible, these guys are true pros, especially in these times with supply chain issues, to just pull this showcase together,” said Stroup. “It’s a miracle.”

Just a few short weeks ago Stroup saw how much work still needed to be done. With his focus on teamwork, he reached out to the builders offering a helping hand if they needed it. They didn’t and they got it done. It has come a long way since some 18 months ago when they first walked the site. He was confident then Chimney Ridge would turn out to be a really nice neighborhood.

“It sure did. They hit on every mark,” Stroup said. “First floor living is on display here to the fullest extent. Every one of these houses has first-floor master’s, I think they’re all ranches; they’re amazing. The outdoor spaces are incredible.”

About 60-70 people were on hand for Chimney Ridge HOMEARAMA dedication ceremony Thursday, September 1, 2022 (Chuck Gibson)

With home offices being so popular today, Stroup says these will “blow you away” along with beautiful lower level entertainment centers and theater rooms which will leave you in awe. Developer Greg Berling was among those Stroup invited to speak during the ceremony. Like everyone else who was on hand during that freezing cold January groundbreaking, Berling was thrilled to feel the warm air and see a clear blue sky above homes ready for the public to view.

Greg Berling, Developer of Chimney Ridge (Chuck Gibson)

“I’m happy with the way it has turned out, cleaned up, with the sod in and looking green, it really makes a big difference,” said Berling. “It was down to the wire, they’re all done, they all look fantastic. W.P. Land did two houses; that’s not easy.”

Berling expressed real gratitude for the hard work the builders put into making the homes ready for a public showcase. He acknowledged his role in the background as a developer compared to the builders whose work is on full display for everyone to see.

“The builders are front and center,” Berling said. “They are the guys and gals that actually make it come together and make the show.”

Chimney Ridge builders AR Homes, Fry Homes, Justin Doyle Homes, W.P. Land Company and Drees Homes (Chuck Gibson)

He’s happy in that role creating the image and letting the builders finish it. How they bring that image to life is what he wants the public to come out and see during the show.

“I want everybody to see the craftsmanship we still have in this world,” said Berling. “This is not mass production, this is craftsmanship, it’s how we’ve been building houses for thousands of years; with our hands. I think that’s really important. It’s the way all these builders and developers like me learned coming up in the business. Everything is done with your hands. It is not done on a computer. It’s really important people can see what we can do with our hands still. Out in the weather, in the heat and the sun, doing it with their hands and getting it done, that’s really what I want the people to see. ”

Kathy Bailey, Loveland Mayor and Dave Stroup HBA President (Chuck Gibson)

Dave Kennedy, Loveland City Manager (Chuck Gibson)

Stroup gave credit to leaders from the City of Loveland for their efforts to make the Chimney Ridge development possible, but especially to bring HOMEARAMA back to Loveland after nearly 33 years since The Glen of Claiborne in 1989.  Loveland mayor, Kathy Bailey joined City Manager David Kennedy in thanking all of the city leaders who played key roles in the effort. She also talked about what HOMEARAMA and Chimney Ridge mean to the community

The Bedford by Drees features a unique additional suite and 2-level deck (Chuck Gibson)

“This is a great day and a great event for the City of Loveland,” said Bailey. “We’ve been on an upward trajectory here for several years, certainly have not peaked, there’s more to come, but this fits right in with that.”

Bailey recognizes people from outside of Loveland have discovered what our city has to offer.  She views the Home Builders Association choosing Loveland for HOMEARAMA as supporting evidence and “a sort of feather in our cap”.


“I’m looking forward to introducing Loveland to the thousands of people who will be coming to this area to visit the show. I’m very grateful to Greg Berling and the HBA for bringing this here. I’m really looking forward to the show and really happy with how this has turned out. It’s a beautiful neighborhood.” – Kathy Bailey, Mayor, Loveland, OH 

The Asterwood by AR Homes showing the backyard outdoor living space (Chuck Gibson)

The 2022 HOMEARAMA at Chimney Ridge in Loveland opens to the public Saturday, September 3, and runs through September 18. Located at 10377 Butterworth Road Loveland, Ohio 45140 across from Brandywine on the Little Miami, the show features six homes from five different builders including: AR Homes, Fry Homes, Justin Doyle Homes, 2 homes by W.P. Land Company and another by Drees Homes. Mike Conklin of Drees Homes talked about what makes “The Bedford” a unique home compared to what Drees homes they’ve been building for more than 90 years.

A real gaslight street light featured at Chimney Ridge (Chuck Gibson)

“What we wanted to show here is we’re now doing a DOYL program – Drees On Your Lot – it’s bringing our custom construction to bigger homes like this.” Mike Conklin, Drees Homes 

Many people are unaware Drees builds custom homes like The Bedford showing at Chimney Ridge. Conklin said the purpose is to let them know not only does Drees build them, but they will build them on your private lot as well as in a neighborhood community like this.

“It’s just turned out fabulous,” Conklin said. “It’s as unique as a ranch plan can get these days. Everyone is featuring the home office, the outdoor living, what we have in here is an additional suite in the back that allows for aging family members, or a child who is living at home. On this particular lot, we have a beautiful outdoor living area with two levels of deck. It is unique to the lot.”

HOMEARAMA 2022 at Chimney Ridge – Loveland, OH –

10377 Butterworth Road

September 3-18

Purchase tickets at:

A view of the Fry Homes “Eleven 4” featured at the Chimney Ridge HOMEARAMA (Chuck Gibson)

Margee Moore, Marketing HBA gives you perspective on the oversized Adirondack Chair on display at the HOMEARAMA (Chuck Gibson)