Sycamore High School team earns

#4 ranking at World Robotics Championship

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (May 6, 2024) – Hello Houston!  We have no problem with the Juniper Robotics team from Sycamore High School as they place 4th in the World during the World Robotics Championship in Houston, TX to close out the 2024 Robotics competition season. (REVISED 5/7/24: Add Coach Tom Hess)

Three of the Juniper Robotics team celebrating success including Vivaan Shah (center) and Noah Robinson (right) (Provided)

Juniper Robotics share their story here on Loveland Beacon Talks. Three members of the 17-student roster joined Loveland Beacon Talks to share the Juniper Robotics 2024 competition season road to the World Championships in Houston.

Coach Shaun Chan along with senior Noah Robinson, sophomores Vivaan Shah and Sophie Hess and faculty advisor Kim Jarvis share a story of preparation, learning, team work, opportunity, success and future hopes in the world of high school robotics competition. Juniper Robotics is the name they go by, but in the world of robotics competition, teams are identified by a number. 

A crowd of Juniper Robotics supporters look on during competition (Provided)

The Sycamore High School team is Team 16449 and that number is quickly making a name for themselves not only here at home, but across the state of Ohio and all around the globe.

Their story began only a few short years ago – about the same time as COVID struck – but they developed quickly. In 2023, they’re showing in the Ohio State Champion Robotics tournament earned them a trip to the Robotics World Championship. (They finished ranked in the top 20 of the world) 

Getting there once is tough, but the Juniper Robotics team earned a return trip for the second year in a row as one of three teams from Ohio to qualify for the World Championship tournament in Houston, Texas. Congratulations go out to the entire Juniper Robotics roster and coach Tom Hess from Sycamore High School listed below: 

  • Julian Chan
  • Ethan Hess
  • SophieHess
  • Aarna Kalita
  • Nikilesh Kashyap
  • Abhiram Sai Naidu Kusireddi
  • Arushi Mohan
  • Ajay Narayana
  • Rohan Parikh
  • Coach Tom Hess
  • Noah Robinson
  • Omkar Seth
  • Vivaan Shah
  • Sean Walker
  • Ray Sun
  • Alp Oenguec
  • Christopher Kong
  • Deven Seth
  • Coach-Shaun Chan & Faculty Advisor Kim Jarvis

Listen to their story here on Loveland Beacon Talks

NOTE: Approximate run time 42:00 minutes 

Watch more Juniper Robotics action on their YouTube Channel at: @juniperrobotics947