Nearly 60 Braves qualify for state competition

NEWS RELEEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications 

INDIAN HILL, OH  (February 15, 2021) – Nearly 60 Indian Hill High School (IHHS) Braves are headed to the state competition after placing among the top students in DECA’s virtual regional business and marketing event competition. 

Some of the Indian Hill High School students who are headed to the State DECA Competition include (L to R): Lauren Yamaguchi, Olivia Vigran, Kayla Werbrich, Joey Santaiti, Vandita Rastogi, Sophie Sawyers, Emily Sichel, Grace Galloway, and Caroline Gaede (Provided)

The competitors had to make a recorded presentation that dealt with human relations problem solving, selling, promotion, economic concepts, management decision making, pricing, product development, planning marketing strategies, customer service problem solving, or a combination of the above. Additionally, students took a 100-question multiple choice test on marketing and business concepts. 

“This year, from hybrid, online, and in-person learning, school has looked very different,” said IHHS senior Vandita Rastogi, who advanced to the state competition. “We had to change the way we approached DECA this year as we had to submit our presentations online. Our events were given to us on a Sunday and we had until Thursday to think of a unique solution. It was definitely a tougher competition.”

Indian Hill students submitted more than 100 videos, advancing nearly 60 students to the DECA State Competition. The 2020-2021 DECA State Competition qualifiers included the following students


Zach Sullivan, Business Services

Sophie Sawyers, Hotel Management

Julianne Allspach, Marketing Communications

Maria Lindberg, Quick Serve Management

Vandita Rastogi, Restaurant Management

Ryan Rammacher, Retail Management

Vinya Ivaturi, Principles of Hospitality

Andrew Sakemiller, Principles of Marketing

Jenny Zhang and Josh Austin, Business Law and Ethics Team

Isabella Carson and Maggie Schoeny, Entrepreneurship Team

Anya Govil and Drew Boylan, Hospitality Team

Anderson Cannady and Robert Brunner, Integrated Marketing – Event

Sami Grenda, Integrated Marketing – Product

Matthew Copfer, Financial Consulting

Emily Sichel, Hospitality Selling

Olivia Vigran, Professional Selling

Grace Galloway, Start-up Business

Ellie Jones/Lauren Yamaguchi/Joey Santaiti, Innovation Plan


Lauren Sewell, Accounting

Nathan Heilbrunn, Automotive

Pranav Rastogi, Business Finance

Emerson Evans, Hotel Management

Ann Isphording and Annie Joy, Buying and Merchandising

Ninah Foad and Skyler Robinson, Sports and Entertainment

Elizabeth Whaley and Madison Kahn, Travel and Tourism

Kate Taylor and Kayla Werbrich, Integrated Marketing Campaign – Product

Caroline Gaede, Innovation Plan

Sophia Zou, Professional Selling


Kylie Hack and Bowie Irvine, Entrepreneurship Team

Lucia Barrett, Innovation Plan

Mateo Lopez, Sports and Entertainment

Kunal Ranjan, Retail Management


Hunter Gillan, Business Finance

Sanibel Betts and Cece Benza, Travel and Tourism Team

Kilian Sheehan and Jack Edmondson, Finance Team

William Dalton, Food Marketing

Alex Castellini, Principles of Marketing


Piper Cowman, Apparel and Accessories

Robbie Guttman, Automotive Management

Kade Verratti, Entrepreneurship

Marina Anderson, Food Marketing

The students are part of the marketing program offered at Indian Hill High School in conjunction with Great Oaks and are members of the DECA student business and marketing organization.

The top qualifiers advance to the DECA State Career Development Conference during March, with a chance to qualify for the national competition.

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