Student-officers created a virtual induction ceremony to celebrate

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL, OH (November 2, 2020) – Indian Hill High School (IHHS) inducted 68 new members into the National Honor Society (NHS).

Indian Hill High School National Honor Society student-officers created a virtual induction ceremony to welcome the 68 new members. (Provided)

The juniors and seniors were selected based on their GPA, leadership, dedication to community service, and commitment to upholding principles of morality and ethics.

“National Honor Society encompasses ideals such as scholarship, service, leadership, and character, which are all pillars we hold in high esteem within Indian Hill High School,” said IHHS Principal Jeff Damadeo. “We are proud of the 68 students being inducted who consistently demonstrate these qualities, and we commend them for being leaders within our school, our District, and our community.”

To celebrate the new members, Indian Hill High School NHS student-officers created a virtual induction ceremony this year. You can view this video celebration on the Indian Hill School District website, or by using the following YouTube link:

The list of new members includes: Julianne Allspach, Gulirano Almuratova, Marina Anderson, Heleina Batin, Michaela Beiting, Sanibel Betts, Joseph Bishop, Eloy Bonniol, Sarah Grace Brown, Robert Brunner, Isabella Carson, Sophia Chabris, Nathan Chai, JengYee Chan, Carson Devine, Sydney Donathan, Paige Falter, Luke Folke, Hunter Gillan, Ashley Grenda, Samantha Grenda, Robert Guttman, Mia Hack, Claire Hardek, Memrie Harness, Nathan Heilbrunn, Tracey Hutton, Ann Isphording, Reese Johnson, Anne Joy, Eleanor Jutze, Madison Kahn, Isabella L’Angiocola, Jessica Lau, Alicia Lewis, Sophia Liu, Kathryn Mangan, Jai Masturzo, Kate McGrath, Lucy Meegan, Morgan Miller, Sarah Motawi, Marianna Narita, Nina Overton, Madelyn Palmer, Mark Phillips, Tejas Pisati, Ryan Rammacher, Samuel Rhoad, Margaret Schoeny, Maximilian Schulten, Peter Sheakley, Anthony Sommerville, Charles Sumerel, Mia Taylor, Hannah Tran, Avery Valz, Olivia Wang, Harrison Warfel, Kayla Werbrich, Elizabeth Whaley, Hayden Withers, Evan Wolfe, Nicholas Woods, Gabriel Yin, Jade Zarco, Kathy Zhao, and Sophia Zou.

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