Braves place seven teams in top 10 in the city and state annual Alpaugh Family Economics Center competition!


State Superintendent Dr. Paulo De Maria observing Indian Hill Elementary School students participating in the Stock Market Game during De Maria’s visit to the Indian Hill School District in October of 2019. (Photo: Provided)

Seven of the top 10 teams wore the Indian Hill logo!

The results are in, and seven Indian Hill Elementary School (IHES) teams placed in the top 10 in the city and state as part of the annual Alpaugh Family Economics Center Stock Market Game.

“I was not surprised at all at their successes,” said IHES teacher Betsy Henning, who mentored the state champions during the 2018-2019 school year for Indian Hill with Amie Kanzeg and John Sommer. “This year, we held the No. 1 position until the last two weeks! Our students were very active participants in their learning; they used their resources, followed current events, engaged in fascinating discussions, and collaborated weekly. All decisions were thorough and made with a group consensus. Teams who, weeks in advance, researched anticipated mergers or product releases like Disney and Disney Plus, saw the greatest gains.”

“I will be seeking their financial advice!” said Indian Hill Superintendent Kirk Koennecke. “In all seriousness – this is impressive learning, especially at this age. Even State Superintendent Dr. Paulo De Maria took time during his visit to Indian Hill Elementary School in the fall to observe this class. It is exemplar; these students make us incredibly proud!”  

Students played the Stock Market Game for 10 weeks total; the game started in September and ended in December.

“It is important that students have an understanding of 

financial literacy and real world math applications,” said Henning. “The game allows students to see that they are active participants in our economy, and see the risks and rewards of investors who study trends and company decisions. They learn about different professions and are able to engage in mature conversations with family.”

Students met weekly to learn about terms, concepts, and some history of the stock market. They reflected on ups and downs in investments and in the market, and learned the meaning of key financial language like diversification, portfolio, ticker symbols, Bull and Bear Market, and Total Equity.

“It is an unparalleled opportunity for financial literacy growth at a young age,” said Henning. “Engaging in weekly discussions with 10-year-old students about companies like Tesla, the effects of natural disasters on the economy, and companies supplying in-demand immunizations is what the #IHPromise is all about!”

Floor of the Wall Street Stock exchange. (Stock photo)

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