By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (June 25, 2024) – In this edition of Fun with Maps we celebrate the completion on construction of the first building in this oddly historic west coast city nearly 200 years ago.

Good Herb City

The construction of the first building was completed in Yerba Buena on June 25, 1835.  The Spanish name for the settlement translates to good herb, and some might argue that the name is fitting and should have been kept.

But, alas, the name was changed to San Francisco in 1847, just in time for the largest growth of the city fueled by the 1848-49 Gold Rush.

San Francisco has some odd assortment of notable achievements and facts – the fortune cookie was invented here, having the largest Chinatowns in the US; it has the crookedest street (Lombard); and it has more dogs than children (actually not unusual for larger cities).

Johnson’s map of San Francisco is presented here from 1892.

San Francisco – Circa 1892 (Credit Steve Kovacs)

Steve Kovacs and his wife Theresa reside in Loveland, Ohio where they raised their two children. He is a passionate collector of antique maps.

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