Blood inventories for all types have fallen with the return of elective surgeries

By Chuck Gibson

CINCINNATI, OH (June 2, 2020) – Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati, is asking eligible individuals to schedule blood donations as soon as possible to replenish the Tri-State area’s inventory of blood products. 

Hoxworth Donor Centers seek donors & Blood Drives are needed to replenish dwindling supply (File photo)

Hoxworth Blood Center has remained open to blood donors throughout the coronavirus quarantine maintaining a good supply of blood products of all types: O-, A+, A- and B+. Procedures have been in place at each Hoxowrth Donor location throughout the Tri-State area to assure a safe donating environment for both donors and staff.  

Now, with area hospitals once again providing elective surgeries, the demand for all types of blood products has increased. As a result, Hoxworth Blood products inventory has been depleted. They’ve put the call out for eligible donors to make an appointment to donate to help ensure the necessary blood will be available for patients in need throughout the area. 

“Now that elective surgeries are taking place at our area hospitals again, our inventory of Types O-, A+, A- and B+ have fallen drastically,”  said Alecia Lipton, Director of Public Relations at Hoxworth. ”Hoxworth is appealing to the community to donate blood at their local Hoxworth donor center as soon as possible in order to re-stock our shelves and ensure we are prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.” 

Make an appointment today, help save a life. (FILE)

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Amy Acton, MD, of the Ohio Department of Health had ordered all non-essential or elective surgeries to be postponed in mid-March to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus, resulting in a decreased need for blood. With surgeries back on the schedule, Lipton said, the need for blood and platelets is sharply increasing.

Blood donation continues to be a safe and sterile process, according to Hoxworth officials, and the blood center is taking the safety of donors very seriously.

Dr. David Oh, MD, Medical Director, Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati (FILE)

“The coronavirus outbreak poses no additional risk to blood donors for the mere fact of being blood donors, either during the donation process or from attending organized blood drives,” says David Oh, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Hoxworth. “Hoxworth staff at donor centers are taking extra safety precautions to protect the health and wellness of donors and employees, including wearing masks, changing gloves between donors, and sanitizing surfaces regularly.”

Appointments are highly encouraged at this time in order to control the flow of donors and maintain proper social distancing protocol. To schedule a donation, call (513) 451-0910 or visit