St. Columban Veteran’s Day Ceremony for Loveland

goes virtual

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (November 10, 2020) – Each year the students of the St. Columban School 7th and 8th grade classes walk in a procession from the school through Loveland and to the Loveland Veteran’s Memorial Park where they hold a special ceremony honoring veterans from all branches of United States Armed Forces.

Honored local military veterans with St. Columban School Students during 2019 Ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park in Loveland (Chuck Gibson)

Not this year. COVID put the kibosh on an in-person gathering to celebrate our veterans according to St. Columban teacher Chad Drinnen.

“This year, due to COVID, we are unable to walk down to the Veteran’s Park,” said Drinnen.

You won’t find the St. Columban kids gathered on the grounds of the Loveland Veteran Memorial Park Wednesday, November 11. Officials of the City of Loveland confirmed there is no planned in-person ceremony to honor veterans this Veteran’s Day in Loveland.

Instead, under the guidance of Drinnen, the St. Columban School student council members and members of the 7th and 8th grade classes produced a virtual Veteran’s Day Memorial Ceremony video to honor veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces.

“Since we are unable to do the traditional ceremony, the Student Council officers are making a video of the ceremony they filmed here at school,” Drinnen said.  “We are going to post the video to the school webpage.”

Click here to watch the video on YouTube link

Drinnen says he believes the video will also be posted, and available on a YouTube link used by the school. The school informed City of Loveland officials they would not be holding the annual ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park in Loveland. Drinnen is uncertain if the word about cancellation of the live in-person ceremony spread to all local veterans who may attend.

“This is another sad consequence of the COVID,” concluded Drinnen.

St. Columban students with teacher Chad Drinnen as they began the procession to Veterans Memorial Park in Loveland for the 2019 Veteran’s Day ceremony – there will be no ceremony in the park on Veteran’s Day 2020 (Chuck Gibson File)

As recently as Veteran’s Day 2019 – just one year ago – St. Columban Students, the Loveland Mayor, Kathy Bailey and other members of Loveland City Council were on hand to honor local veterans. Robert Bronner Sr., a 96 year old veteran of World War II was recognized as he was accompanied by his sons Robert Jr., Ron, and Rick Bronner. Robert Sr. spoke of his gratitude toward the St. Columban students for organizing the Veteran’s Day ceremony each year.


“It means a lot to be here and feel their respect for what we have done,” said Bronner on that day one year ago. “I am thankful to those kids for doing this for our veterans.”

Loveland Maayor Kathy Bailey with her daughter Katelyn Bailey, U.S. Army, during Veteran’s Day Ceremony 2019. (Chuck Gibson File)

Mayor Bailey’s daughter Katelyn Bailey is a member of the armed forces and was on hand to be recognized along with Walt Golladay, Brian Otten, Knox Smith. Brian Otten is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and noted the importance of respect for our country shown by the students during the special ceremony. His words may be from one year ago, but continue to ring true this Veteran’s Day too.


“It’s very special,” said Otten, who has a grandchild in St. Columban School. “People are disrespecting the flag everywhere, taking a knee, and going the wrong way. Things like this event today may help turn things around, put a halt to it. That’s very important to me.”

WWII Veteran 96 year old Robert Bronner Sr.,(seated) with his sons Robert Jr and Ron standing alongside him during the 2019 Veteran’s Day Ceremony (Chuck Gibson File)

It was only one year ago. We will not be able to salute the Bronner family, Robert Sr. Robert Jr, Ron & Rick, or Walt Golladay, Knox Smith, Brian Otten or Katelyn Bailey during a ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park in Loveland this Veteran’s Day, but we all say Thank You Veteran’s for your service to our country.

Click here to visit St. Columban School online and find the video link.

NOTE: The St. Columban School Veteran’s Day Ceremony video is NOW available by clicking here. This updates the original story published prior to the video availability.