Green Beret receives Hatton grant for third consecutive year

NEWS RELEASE: Green Beret Foundation (Edited for publication by Chuck Gibson)

LOVLEAND, OH (December 29, 2020) – For the third year in a row the Green Beret Foundation has received a $100,000 grant from the Hatton Foundation.

Hatton Foundation Trustees Tammy Anderson and Walt Lunsford make formal presentation of check for $100K to Fran Wesseling, Green Beret Foundation board memeber (Provided)

Fran Wesseling, member of the Green Beret Foundation (GBF) board of directors lives in the Loveland area and was on hand for the formal presentation of the grant check from the Hatton Foundation. The grant is designated for the Hatton and Healing Recovery Fund which covers the cost of innovative therapies, medical devices, and travel accommodations needed by Green Berets and family members.

“The GBF is honored by the continued grant from The Hatton Foundation and its impact it makes in the lives of the Special Forces community.”Statement released by the Green Beret Foundation in response to receiving the Hatton Foundation grant for the third consecutive year.

The Hatton Foundation was formed through the last will and testament of Dr. E. Kenneth Hatton who was a “humble” family physician in Bond Hill. Dr. Hatton passed away from Parkinson’s disease in 1997. Since the formation of the Hatton Foundation upon his passing, the foundation has distributed over $13 million in grants. Walt Lunsford was Dr. Hatton’s investment advisor and now serves as the executive director of the Hatton Foundation.

The Green Beret Foundation was founded in 2009 by Aaron Anderson – a Special Forces Warrior who was wounded in battle. Anderson recognized there were gaps in immediate support for and continued care for injured Green Beret and their families. The GBF mission is to honor their commitment to Green Berets past and present by providing Special Forces Soldiers and their families with emergency, immediate, and ongoing support.

The Hatton Foundation grant provides a major impact on the lives of those in the Special Forces community receiving care and support from the Green Beret Foundation.

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