Loveland Beacon wishes all of you a most blessed, healthy & Happy Thanksgiving!


LOVELAND, OH (THANKSGIVING DAY – November 26, 2020) – As we all pause to give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day, I extend to each of you a most sincere thank you for your support.  

Ready for the Feast of Thanksgiving at our table (Chuck Gibson)

I hope and pray each of you, no matter what your Thanksgiving Day celebration looks like: with family, maybe even friends, or maybe a much smaller gathering than your tradition with just your closest loved ones at the table with you, can reflect back on the past year and find much for which to be thankful.

More than that, I hope and pray each of us can look back with thanks for what we have, and look forward with thanks to the promise of so much more ahead of us.

Peace and blessings to each one and all of you –