A pictorial review of Friday Breakfast with

the Loveland Valentine Ladies

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (February 11, 2022) – Breakfast with the Loveland Valentine’s Ladies officially launched love into the air for Valentine’s weekend in the Land of Love Friday morning, February 11. 

About 13 past and present Loveland Valentine Ladies were the honored guests at the annual Valentines Breakfast Friday, February 11, in Loveland (Chuck Gibson)

A breakfast bunch of more than 40 came out for the festive gathering Friday morning at the Oasis Conference Center. They saw 2022 Valentine Lady Jeannie Shumaker honored. They saw the official Valentine Card art of Nancy Sullivan displayed. They saw, and heard the winning Valentine Poets (kids from Loveland Schools)  and their poems. They heard Loveland School Superintendent Mike Broadwater honor the Valentine Ladies and then present them with gifts of candles from Lemons & Limes in Loveland. As always, the annual event organized by Little Miami River Chamber, was emceed by Bill Hounshell – who enjoys sharing the story of the Loveland Valentine’s Ladies each passing year. 

2006 Valentine Lady Peggy Goodwin read the nomination letter and introduced 2022 Valentine Lady Jeannie Shumaker (Chuck Gibson)

During her remarks, Jeannie Shumaker introduced the breakfast crowd to “Spuds” her dog – she shared Spuds with the Loveland School Kids during the year (Chuck Gibson)

Artist Nancy Sullivan was unable to attend the breakfast, but her card art was honored and displayed (Chuck Gibson)

Loveland School Superintendent Mike Broadwater during Valentine Breakfast (Chuck Gibson)

The poem of Roman Lyke: Valentine’s Day tastes like chocolate – It sounds like laughing – It smells like cookies – It looks like Red Hearts – Valentine’s Day feels like a hug!

Bill Hounshell holds the microphone for Roman Lyke – 1st grade poetry contest winner (Chuck Gibson)

2nd grade poetry winner Brody Baker gets a helping hand from Mike Broadwater after reading his poem (Chuck Gibson)

Brody’s poem: Love is puppies and cuddles – Hugs and sitting and – watching a movie and popcorn – Going to the movies is love – Go to your friends house!

“I wanted to do it because my nana was a Valentine Lady,” said Brody. “Kathy Lorenz is grandma. She told my teacher to do it, she told our teacher we should probably make a poem. I was excited.” 

So was nana, who said Brody has two older siblings who never wrote a Valentine’s Day Poem for the contest.

“Brody is a pretty special kid,” said Kathy Lorenz. “I was careful not to let the ladies know it was my grandson. The ladies pick the poetry winners. Then they picked it and Brody was thrilled. I am so glad he could be honored this way. He did a great job!” 

3rd grade winner Amalie Lyke (Chuck Gibson)

Amalie’s winning poem: “Valentine’s Day at the Zoo!” – This year let’s do something new! – For Valentine’s Day, let’s go to the zoo! – Bundle up it’s time to go! – Get in the car and go, go, go! – What is this: It’s starting to snow! – Let’s get hot cocoa and see the flamingos! – Next are the meerkats all huddled together When they’re running around, I could watch them forever. – It’s warm in the elelphant house. Braloo, but it kind of smells like poo – Off to the giraffes! There is so much to do! Last, but not least we’ll see Fiona and Bibi! Bibi loves Fiona like I love my Gigi! – Oh, and Happy Valentines Day to you! Maybe next year we’ll do something new too!

5th grade winner Harper Brown (Chuck Gibson)

Poem of Harper Brown:”Love is LIke”  Love is like a sunny day – It always makes you smile – I loe you so much you say – I hate to be away for a long while

Love is like hot cocoa- On a cold and snowy day – It make people go loco -Just know, I’ll never go away

Love is like a warm cozy bed – After quite a long day – It’s a place you can rest your head – But it’s not always super cool

Love is like a glass of water – It sometimes has you chokin’ – Sometimes you can see right through – But true love can’t really be broken

10 time winner – in the adult category this year: Lexi Duff (Chuck Gibson)

The poem of Lexi Duff: “Anything  I know about love, I learned from Songs” Sometimes All you need is Love – Other times, you’re Livin’ on a Prayer – But just believe in The Power of Love – Take my Hand, because We’ll make it I swear 

Before the Day I met you – Life was so unkind – But Then I Saw Y0ur Face, Now I’m a Believer – I couldn’t leave you if I tried

Please never forget. . .  – If you decide to be a Heartbreaker, Love Taker and Mess around on me – I have friends in Love Places Looking out for me. 

The Valentines Ladies were all dressed in RED (Chuck Gibson)

. . . but looked great in their new heart jackets (Chuck Gibson)

They wore their hearts right down to their toes (Chuck Gibson)

“There is nothing in this world so sweet as love . . . ”  – Loveland Valentine’s Ladies 

Where they got those socks, nobody really knows (Chuck Gibson)

Keeping love on thier toes (Chuck Gibson)

2022 Valentine’s Lady Jeannie Shumaker, Spuds the dog,backed by the coolest Valentine Lady Jackets ever (Chuck Gibson)