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Words/Thoughts to inspire and encourage us

LOVELAND, OH (November 18, 2020) – What follows was written by a Loveland man who is a faithful Christian, business owner, and neighbor who just happens to offer the unique perspective of surviving a lifesaving organ transplant. Brian Martin asked for the opportunity to share what he, and Loveland Beacon hope will be encouraging and inspiring words and insightful thoughts. Loveland Beacon said YES! 

Be inspired. Be encouraged.

Here now are words of encouragement from the desk of B. Martin

Brian Martin, Christian, Husband, Father, Survivor, Business owner, neighbor (Photo Courtesy Brian Martin)

Certainly, this is not as God intended this world to be, and not as we would have chosen.  2020 has been challenging for everyone. For some it has been almost unbearable.  From my perspective, after surviving a lifesaving organ transplant in 2016, I thought the hard stuff was behind me. Then 2020 arrived and brought with it a pandemic, lymphoma, a crazy election, and now facing holiday’s without visits with extended family and friends.

Are you still with me? Or, did I depress you even more and you turned the page?  Have faith, you are not alone!

If you are still with me I would like to humbly make an observation; a statement really.  Ready?  Relationships are the most important thing on earth.  Take my money, take my house and cars, even play around with my health, but I need my people.  2020 is a keen reminder that without relationships, without seeing smiling familiar faces, life is pretty dull and can be well, lonely.  The worst part of the whole wearing masks thing is not the difficulty breathing or the itchy constant rubbing on my face, it is that I cannot see people smiling and they cannot see me smiling back.  When I see you at the grocery I want to smile and give you a hug and now we give a little head nod from an aisle away or maybe don’t even recognize each other.

We live in such a small community where I own a business, my kids go to school, and we all shop at the same stores.  I feel so blessed to live here and know,  despite the fact we are all unique,  the one thing in common is we all need each other.  So, please do not miss the lesson given to us in 2020.  It is a reminder to value what is most important in this life.  So for now, keep texting each other, make that phone call you have been thinking about making, drive to that friend’s house and sit in the driveway for a quick chat.  We know this will all soon pass and, as we get back to some sense of normalcy in the coming months, let’s be sure to remember this lesson.  Take comfort in knowing that we are all in this together and God has not left us alone!

Until next time, God bless, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay strong.

Brian Martin


Brian has lived in Loveland since 1999 and is married with two children.  He also owns TMC Construction Services here in Loveland. Brian is available to text, email, or chat with anyone who needs prayers or just an ear.