Week one, whew! We have been working to keep up with this extremely fluid situation can just imagine you what you all are doing. We’ll try to continue to breakdown information in a simple, concise format and share with all of you.


LOVELAND, OH – We decided to share some items in a list format. We hope this is helpful.

LMRCA providing coronavirus information (Provided) 

Suggested Action Items for the Week:
1.  Review this FAQ if you have questions about the recent “Stay at Home” order the governor’s office released on Sunday, March 22.
2. Carry Out to Help Out. A few businesses have “paused,” their business and are not open. Let’s help our businesses in this fight by ordering carryout. Please see our updated list of businesses we know that are offering carry-out here (PDF)>
  If you carry out, have something delivered, or purchase something from one of our local business: please share on social media with a photo and #CarryOutToHelpOut and WHY you love that business.



3.   Please note that BWC has deferred any payment for 3 months.
4.    Complete the census. You have time, let’s get counted. Completing the census opens more resources to our community when they have a complete count. Please do your part! My2020census.gov. You should receive an ID for your household. Check the mail for yours.
5.    Kindly, please pay attention. We don’t want to repeat resources we, the City of Loveland, our state and federal government have been putting out, but it is important for you to stay connected. This is such a fluid situation, you must be ready to react. We are all working hard to keep you informed and provide you with resources to help you and your business.
6.    Use our resource page! We receive information directly from the state, SBA, BWC and other organizations and are here to keep us thriving!
7.   Stay up to date at www.coronavirus.ohio.gov.
8. CEOs and leaders: check out this CEO Checklist during the Coronavirus and review your 6 top priorities. 
9.    Let us know how we can help you!



Lastly, if any of your employees are in need of work, please let us know. We know a handful of employers seeking employees.

Please note the following events have been postponed/cancelled:
March 26 and April 23 Morning Mixers (Cancelled)
March 31 Cybersecurity Lunch and Learn (Postponed to a later date TBD)