By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (July 15, 2020) – In Issue 28 of Steve Kovacs Fun with Maps feature we visit ancient Egypt

Steve Kovacs, (Provided) 

Read like an Egyptian. . .

The Rosetta stone was rediscovered accidentally 221 years ago in Egypt by a French soldier.  This stone tablet dating to about the second century B.C. contained the same text about a decree in three scripts: hieroglyphic and demonic Egyptian and Ancient Greek.   Quite handy, as people could read Greek. 

Over the next few years scholars finally deciphered the hieroglyphs, so that they could read like an Egyptian, not just walk like an Egyptian.

Soon the British took control of Egypt after defeating Napoleon’s forces.  And with that, the Rosetta stone was taken to London where it is housed in the British Museum to this day.  

Here is Tanner’s 1836 map of Egypt.  The colored portion showing the inhabited land along the Nile.

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Egypt 1836 (Credit Steve Kovacs)