By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (June 17, 2020) – In Issue 7 of Steve Kovacs: Fun with Maps feature teaches us about the more obscure Breed’s Hill.

Steve Kovacs, Antique Map Collector, Loveland Resident (Provided) 

The Battle of Bunker Hill was Fought 245 Years Ago

One of the best known events of the American Revolutionary War is the Battle of Bunker Hill.  However, as is often the case with history, what we have been taught and what actually happened are not quite the same. 

Most of the battle took place nearby at the more strategically located Breed’s Hill, but Bunker Hill got the naming honors.  The British took the hills eventually, but at a very high casualty rate for the time of 1054 souls.  

This map of greater Boston is by Dutton and was published 85 years after the famous battle.

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Map of Greater Boston – 1860 (Credit Steve Kovacs)