Students selected to perform with the Ohio Music Education Honor Band, Orchestra, and Choir

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL, OH (February 23, 2022) – Indian Hill Schools announced 43 Indian Hill High School and Indian Hill Middle School students have received honors from the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) for District 14 for Band, Orchestra, and Choir for 2022.

Indian Hill Middle School choir director Heather Koester with Honor Choir students at their concert at Princeton High School on Saturday, January 29, 2022. (Provided)

Students selected for honor ensembles performed at venues across southern Ohio during January and February.

The complete list of Indian Hill School District students who received OMEA honors includes:

Indian Hill High School:

OMEA High School Honor Band

Concert Band

  • Joseph Bishop
  • Caroline Brown
  • Audrey Phillips

Symphony Band

  • Josh Knehans
  • Isaac Scott
  • Grace Zhou

Indian Hill Middle School:

OMEA District Honor Band Grade Seven

  • Jane Holbrook
  • Annika Riddle
  • Xavier Sharif

Junior High Honor Orchestra Grade Eight

  • Casey DeBlank
  • Elena Gailey
  • Gabby Henz
  • Ainsley Johnson
  • Carly Lindsell 
  • Sabrina Mangialardo 
  • Marin Messerschmitt
  • Caroline Winks 
  • Grace Yu

OMEA Junior High Honor Choir Grade Eight       

  • JianNan L’Angiocola
  • Claire Andrews
  • Gonza Argues
  • Vivian Jenkins
  • Mallory Hardek
  • Maddie Lanphear
  • Marin Longbottom
  • Kyle Peterson
  • Nate Reich

Solo and Ensemble

Combined accolades include four Excellent Ratings and nine Superior Ratings, the highest achievement


Isaac Scott


  • Franny Bell
  • Conrad Bennett
  • Geno Cardosi
  • Connor Coffman
  • Emery Cunningham
  • Joseph Kayne
  • Joshua Knehans
  • Freddie Kong
  • Preston Marx
  • Makenna Peterson
  • Hrishi Rawat
  • Sarika Singh
  • Emma Stacey
  • Caleb Tinon
  • Luis Vega-Torres

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