Indian Hill Primary School in-person and virtual students connect to learn about community

 NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications 

INDIAN HILL, OH (October 23, 2020) – In the past, it was called First Grade Town Hall, and in a typical year, Indian Hill Primary School (IHPS) hosts these meetings once a week on Friday, inviting a community member in to share about their job with students.

Around 125 Indian Hill Primary School first-grade students – both face-to-face and virtual – joined together for a Brave Town Hall Friday, October 16. (Provided)

There is nothing typical about this school year.

Despite that – IHPS first-grade Brave Virtual Academy teachers Tami Miller and Michelle Sweeney, who instruct students virtually, wanted to design a way to bring connection to all students. Friday, October 16, laptops decorated the desks of classrooms, and students joined together to learn in this school year’s first Brave Town Hall.

“We hosted this meeting, and will continue to host these meetings, to bridge Brave Virtual Academy and face-to-face students,” explained Sweeney. “We do this to show our students they are all part of a community. It does not matter where you are learning, each student is a valued member of the first grade community, our Indian Hill Primary School community, as well as our entire Brave community.”


Indian Hill Primary School 1st Grade students during Brave Town Hall (Provided)

Approximately 125 first-grade students joined the Brave Town Hall, with the Brave Virtual Academy students logging on through Zoom. All students enjoyed dancing, sharing, and games. Each group was well represented.

“We ended our meeting with two students leading the pledge,” said Miller. “They each held up a homemade flag into the screen, and we all stood together and recited the pledge.”

Virtual & Live, the Indian Hill Primary School students joined in the Brave Town Hall (Provided)

“My favorite part was at the end, when students began unmuting to say hello to a friend they haven’t seen in a while!” said Sweeney. “These were the connections we were hoping for!  It was hard to not unmute and shout out to my colleagues! Being part of a community is important, and our meeting truly showed that.”  

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